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12th year OH, who started as a starter in 1438 days, raised 10+ points in 1830 days… couldn’t laugh

Hyundai E&C’s outside hitter Jeong Si-yeong (30) started after 1,438 days.

Hyundai E&C, led by coach Seong-hyung Kang, had a match against Korea Expressway Corporation in the 5th round of the Dodram 2022-23 V-League Women’s Division at the Suwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 14th.

Prior to the game on this day, Hyundai E&C was in first place with 61 points, but the pace has not been good recently. Yvone Montaño (registered Montaño) came as main gun Yasmin Bedart (registered name Yasmin) was out due to injury. In addition, starting player Kim Yeon-gyeon suffered an ankle injury, making it difficult for him to play for the time being.

To make matters worse, Hwang Min-kyung’s condition is not good, and Go Ye-rim’s knee is also not normal. Both players are Hyundai E&C’s main outside heaters.

Director Kang Seong-hyung selected Jung Ji-yoon and Jeong Si-young, who were second most used after Hwang Min-kyung and Go Ye-rim, as starters. Chung Si-young moved from a middle blocker to an outside heater position ahead of this season. When he was playing for Heungkuk Life Insurance, he had experience playing as an outside heater.

Previously, coach Kang Seong-hyung said, “In the case of quickness and jumping, he is a good player. He also has strength.”

It has been a long time since Chung Si-young started as a starter. The 2018-19 season 6th round Heungkuk Life (March 9, 2019) was the last. He was the starting sortie after 1,438 days. Since then, it has only appeared occasionally as a replacement. He also played 16 sets in 13 matches this season.

From the first set, Chung Si-young worked hard on offense and defense. He posted 1 set and 4 points. His attack success rate also exceeded 50%. It was a pure score. He scored a goal when his team was trailing 7-9 in the second set, and showed off his hustle play by throwing his body to save the ball, making coach Kang Seong-hyung laugh. 토토사이트

In the 3rd set 19-20, he scored 10 points by increasing the attack score. On February 10, 2018, he scored double digits in the league for the first time since the match against IBK Industrial Bank. It was only 1830 days.

But, of course, there were also downsides. There were many mistakes in his attack. He only recorded 7 errors in the 3rd set. It was the most offense among players on both teams.

On this day, Chung Si-young recorded a 10-point attack success rate of 38.46%.

It was a meaningful game, and I made a double-digit scoring game in about 5 years, but I couldn’t laugh. Hyundai E&C lost to Korea Expressway Corporation by a set score of 1-3 (25-21, 21-25, 20-25, 20-25) and fell into a losing streak.

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