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’30 month job suspension’ Paratic returns to Tottenham first… The future is ‘unclear’

Director Fabio Paratici seems to have returned to Tottenham Hotspur first.

The UK’s ‘Daily Mail’ reported on the 31st (hereinafter Korean time), “Paratic’s future direction is unclear due to the recent application of an expanded disciplinary scope. He was staying in Italy until Thursday, but has now returned to England.”

Paratici has been working for Tottenham since 2021. He was given a 30-month suspension from his duties by the Italian Football Association (FIGC) in January. The reason was related to Juventus’ corruption. In January, the FIGC said, “Regarding the investigation into the financial gains, the Federal Court of Appeals partially accepted the appeal of the prosecutor’s office. announced. 메이저놀이터

It was a strong punishment. Before the punishment was confirmed, Juventus had 37 points in Italian Serie A. However, it was reduced by 22 points. And they are currently in 7th place with 41 points from 27 league matches. In addition, related executives, including former chairman Andrea Annali, who resigned in November last year, were suspended from their activities.

Paratici, who was active as general manager at the time, was also suspended for 30 months. However, it seemed that there was no big problem because Paratici is currently carrying out the Tottenham general manager and the scope of punishment was applied only within Italy at first.

However, recently, news that Tottenham did not want was conveyed. The International Football Federation (FIFA) announced on the 29th, “At the request of the FIGC, the disciplinary action for Juventus corruption by Paratici will be extended from Italy to the whole world.” Director Paratici has been unable to work for Tottenham. First of all, Tottenham has made an urgent inquiry to FIFA.

‘Daily Mail’ said, “Paratic often takes advantage of the A-match break to go back to Italy and spend a vacation. Also, last Monday, criminal proceedings related to the Juventus case were scheduled to be held. However, this was postponed to May 10. Tottenham “We are seeking clarification from FIFA on the sanctions, but Paratici’s future is uncertain.”

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