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A ‘great reversal’ in half a year… Real Madrid MF renewal likely

 Correspondent Kang Dong-hoon = Real Madrid (Spain) midfielder Dani Ceballos (26)’s position has changed ‘180 degrees’. Even until last summer, he was likely to leave, but this season, after gaining “re-confidence” from manager Carlo Ancelotti (63, Italy), he received an offer to renew the contract and continues to accompany him.

Spanish media ‘Marca’ said on the 4th (Korean time), “Ceballos has recently been praised.” “His future was ‘opaque’ until a few weeks ago. However, he is supported by fans, coach Ancelotti and his colleagues I also gained the trust of him,” he said.

Previously, Ceballos was likely to part with Real Madrid during the transfer window last summer. The reason was that he did not receive a chance because he was excluded from coach Ancelotti’s plan last season, and even though he played 18 games in all competitions, his average playing time was only 18.8 minutes.

Just in time, he had only one year left on his contract, so he was more actively seeking a new team because Real Madrid allowed him to transfer to prevent the misfortune of leaving without receiving a penny of the transfer fee. However, he remained as negotiations broke down with Real Betis (Spain), the only ‘team he was connected with’. 온라인바카라

Ceballos pledged to make a comeback, leaving behind the disappointment of the cancellation of the transfer, but so far it is a successful atmosphere. Unlike last season, he is showing outstanding performance while receiving more opportunities to participate this season. So far, in 20 games, he has scored 1 goal and 4 assists.

In particular, he has been showing amazing performances lately. When Luka Modric (37), who poured his strength into the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, failed to regain his skills, he is given a chance to play instead. And in the midst of such an activity, he is likely to renew his contract.

‘Marca’ added, “Ceballos already knows that Real Madrid’s top officials want to extend the contract.”

Ceballos made his professional debut at Real Betis in 2014 and played well as a mainstay, then wore the Real Madrid jersey in 2017. However, he could not survive the tough competition for starting positions. Accordingly, after spending two years on loan at Arsenal (England) in 2019, he is playing at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu again from last season.

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