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A Match Spring Gunggi, why did Japan bring out the Korea-Japan match?

An interesting card has risen to the surface ahead of the A-Match Spring Gung season in March.

It is the Korean-Japanese war that is often described as a war. It was unexpected in that it was a stage where the coaches and players of both countries complained of burden as the winners cheered and the losers despaired.

The remarks of a high-ranking official of the Japan Football Association became the starting point. At an online press conference on the 2nd, Sorimachi Yasuharu, technical director of the Japan Football Association, asked about the opponent country for the March A match, saying, “It has not been decided yet. Korea is also a powerhouse that advanced to the round of 16 at the Qatar World Cup, so I think it is worth considering.”

It was only natural that the Korean-Japanese match became noisy. The problem is that this remark came out with no sympathy between the two sides. An official from the Korea Football Association sighed, saying, “I asked Japan, and that person felt embarrassed, too.”

The two associations discussed the issue of holding an A match in March, but it was not a confrontation, but a joint invitation to the other country. Originally, it is not easy to find an opponent right after the World Cup. Since the launch of the Nations League, Europe has virtually disappeared from confrontation with other continents, and North and Central America and Africa are also busy with the Intercontinental Cup qualifiers. In other words, South America also put forward strict conditions for cooperation. However, the reaction of the Korea Football Association was that it was embarrassing because a Korea-Japan match had suddenly emerged during this process. 온라인바카라

The Korea-Japan match is practically close to happening, but there is an eye-catching part. The opponent first wanted the Korea-Japan match, which the Korea Football Association had longed for. If you look at the record of 81 matches between Korea and Japan, Korea won 42 wins (23 draws and 16 losses), more than half of them. Since Korea laughed more, Japan was reluctant, but this time it was the exact opposite.

The background of the Japan Football Association’s desire for the Korea-Japan match is also worth it. In the FIFA rankings, Korea ranks 25th, lower than Japan (20th), but just the fact that top European players such as Son Heung-min (Tottenham) and Kim Min-jae (Napoli) are playing can expect a box office match comparable to Brazil and Argentina. . There is no financial burden as only the A-match broadcasting rights are exchanged without a huge invitation fee.

Japan, which was reluctant to play against Japan, seems to have judged that now is the right time to change. Unlike Japan, where manager Moriyasu Hajime remained in office, Korea has yet to fill the vacant position of former manager Paulo Bento. In addition, the analysis of the soccer field is that the recent trend of Korea losing 0-3 when it met only Japan without distinction of generation would have given confidence.

However, there is a high possibility that the war between Korea and Japan, which has surfaced, will be concluded in the near future. With this happening, the reason for Japan’s refusal has disappeared. It is not easy to hold a Korea-Japan match ahead of a big tournament, so the weight is put on right after next year’s Asian Cup. An official from the association said, “If Japan really wants it, the Korea-Japan match will happen.”

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