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“A player recognized in ML”… The Edmund effect of Korean fielders, the national team is full of expectations

A lot of attention is already being paid to the so-called ‘Edman Effect’ that will transform the field team of the Korean WBC baseball team. Tommy Edman is an active major leaguer and a master of defense who won the Gold Glove award for the best defenseman two years ago. 

Tommy Edman (28, St. Louis Cardinals), the first Korean-American player on the Korean baseball team, finally entered his mother’s country. Edmund, who was building his body at the spring camp in St. Louis, Florida, USA, first landed in Korea through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the morning of the 1st to participate in the WBC (World Baseball Classic) as the Korean national team. 

The KBO, which had insisted on pure-bloodism in the selection of the national team, broke it and selected Edmon as the national team according to the WBC participation rules, which allow nationality to be determined by parental or grandparents’ lineage and place of birth, regardless of current nationality. 

Edman is a Korean player born in May 1995, the second of two sons and one daughter to a Korean mother, Kwak Gyeong-ah, and a college baseball coach father, John Edman. His full name is Thomas Hyeonsu Edmon, and he uses his Korean name Hyeonsu for his middle name.

Edmund is a “proven” infield utility resource who won the Major League Baseball National League Gold Glove two years ago. Edmund made his big league debut in St. Louis in 2019 and left a strong impact with a batting average of 3.4-11 in the first year, and from 2021 he recorded double-digit homers and 30 stolen bases for two consecutive years, showing off his hot temper. His career performance in four major league seasons was .732 OPS with 40 home runs, 175 RBIs, and 79 stolen bases in 459 games.  토토사이트

On the 1st, the duo of Kim Ha-seong (San Diego Padres) and Edmund entered the country side by side, and from the 2nd, the national team was able to train as a full team. Lee Jung-hoo, the leading hitter, said, “I think training will be more fun now that everyone has gathered.” I also played an infielder when I was young, so I know the center line is really important. However, I think our team will be more reliable and cool with two players who are recognized in the major leagues keeping their positions.” 

The command tower sought direct advice from Kim Ha-seong to resolve his curiosity about Edmund, who was hidden in a veil. National team coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “On the plane, Ha-seong Kim happened to ride next to me and we talked a lot. In particular, he asked me a lot about Edmund, and he said he was a much better player than he was. I heard he is good at baseball.”

The anticipation of Kim Ha-seong, who had a Keystone combination with the Gold Glove winner, was also extraordinary. In an interview on his return home this morning, Edmund said, “Ha-seong Kim is a good player. He said, “I am looking forward to the idea of ​​working together.” In response, Kim Ha-seong said, “Thank you for saying that to a player who is better than me. I hope he does well and goes all the way to My Cicada in the US,” he said, wishing that he could work with Edmon for a long time. 

Meanwhile, Edmund will have his first meeting with his squad at the national team’s domestic training held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the afternoon of the 2nd. At this event, the Korean baseball team’s first American national player’s Taegeuk mark uniform will be unveiled.

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