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‘Absolute strength’ Serie A, for the first time in league history, produced ‘5 teams’ in the semifinals of the European competition

 Serie A’s European competition continues to be strong.

All four surviving teams from the 2022-23 season European Football Federation Champions League (UCL), Europa League (UEL), and Europa Conference League (UECL) have all been decided. Among them, there are as many as 5 Serie A teams.

This is the first record. According to the football statistics media ‘Opta’, it is the first time in the history of European football that 5 Serie A teams have advanced to the semifinals of the European competition.

First, the ‘Milan Brothers’ confirmed their advance to the UCL semifinals. AC Milan drew 1-1 with Napoli on the 19th in the first leg of the UCL quarterfinals. With a combined score of 2-1 in the 1st and 2nd games, they succeeded in advancing to the semifinals.메이저사이트

Inter Milan immediately followed. In the second leg of the quarterfinals, Portugal’s Benfica drew 3-3. With a combined score of 5-3, they won a ticket to the quarterfinals.

Coincidentally, the Milano brothers were fighting to advance to the finals. It is the first time in 20 years that Inter Milan and AC Milan have met in the UCL semifinals. In addition, the two teams meet in the semifinals, and Serie A unconditionally produces a team that advances to the final.

AS Roma and Juventus then clash in the UEL semifinals. AS Roma lost 0-1 in the first leg of the quarterfinal against Feyenoord on the 14th. However, in the second game on the 21st, they won 4-1 and succeeded in a double electrode. Juventus overcame Sporting (Portugal) with a combined score of 2-1 in the first and second games. Like UCL, UEL has also completed the semi-final matchup between Serie A teams.

In the UECL, Fiorentina advanced to the semifinals alone among the Italian teams. In the second leg of the quarterfinals held on the 21st, they lost 2-3 to Lech Poznan (Poland). However, thanks to a 4-1 win in the first leg, they advanced to the semifinals with an aggregate score of 6-4. On the 12th of next month, we will face FC Basel (Switzerland) in the quarterfinals.

Meanwhile, Napoli and Lazio failed to add strength to Serie A strength. Napoli was eliminated in the UCL quarterfinals by AC Milan. Lazio packed up early, failing to surpass AZ Alkmaar (Netherlands) in the round of 16 of the UECL.

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