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Ace, who complained of ‘I was injured because I couldn’t use pine tar’, replaced the injury in one inning in the rehabilitation game

Tampa Bay Rays Tyler Glasnow (30) was injured in the rehabilitation game and was replaced after one inning. 

On the 11th (Korean time),, the official major league media outlet, said, “Right-handed pitcher Glasnow pitched one inning in his rehabilitation and was replaced. Glasnow was scheduled to throw 4 innings or 60-65 pitches in his 2nd game playing in minor league Triple-A that day, but felt a tight feeling in his left side and only threw 11 pitches in 1 inning. He plans to check his condition again in St. Petersburg on the 12th.”

Glasnow went 20-20 with a 4.00 earned run average in 106 career major league games (409⅔ innings). He raised expectations by recording 5 wins, 2 losses and an average ERA of 2.66 in 14 games (88 innings) in 2021, but he was injured at the time when foreign substance inspections were strengthened along with the pine tar controversy, and he is unable to play properly. At the time, Glasnow complained about the MLB decision, saying, “The ball is too slippery.” Glasnow, who suffered from large and small injuries, only appeared in two games last year and did not play a single game in the big leagues this year. 메이저사이트

Tampa Bay explained that Glasnow’s injury was “very minor” and that the decision to finish pitching after pitching only one inning was a mutual agreement between the club and the player. However, pointed out, “It is worth noting that Glasnow’s return was delayed due to a problem with his left side after a second-class left oblique injury in spring training.” 

According to Statcast, the official major league statistics system, Glasnow recorded a top speed of 97.8 mph (157.4 km) and an average of 96.2 mph (154.8 km) in 2⅓ innings in his first rehab appearance. On this day, the speed decreased to a maximum of 96 miles (154.5 km) and an average of 95.4 miles (153.5 km).

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