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After a collision with Henderson… Yip Yeon Alisong “I can give my life for the team… ”

Alisson Becker has opened up about clashes with Jordan Henderson (hereinafter referred to as Liverpool).

Alisson and Henderson collided strongly in a delayed match against Chelsea in the 8th round of the English Premier League (EPL) held at Stanford Bridge in London, England on the 5th (Korean time). It was a collision scene that drew more attention because Liverpool was in a sluggish season this season.

However, after the game was over, the two appeared to have reconciled, comforting each other and exiting the ground with their arms crossed. Alisson told ESPN about the clash with Henderson. “Me and Henderson are two people who have to fight, and we are ready to give our lives for the team. And on the pitch, it’s not a situation where you can ask anyone. I can’t even ask,” he said, saying that a collision between the two was inevitable.온라인바카라

Alisson went on to explain that the reconciliation was over, saying that the clash was to steer Liverpool in a good direction. Alisson said: “It seems like the atmosphere is rising, but I’m trying to help the team and I think it’s the best way. Of course, this season has been a great challenge for us with considerable difficulties,” he said. “We are human, so we get frustrated when negative things happen. When the game is not going well, there is a chance to show it again. I will work with Henderson again as a team.”

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