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After the tournament, head coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “This result came about because I was lacking. I’m sorry”

World Baseball Classic (WBC) Korean baseball team coach Lee Kang-cheol expressed his regret at being eliminated in the first round.

After the match against China, the last match of the 2023 WBC Group B round 1 held at Tokyo Dome in Japan on the 13th, coach Lee Kang-cheol said, “The players in the last game did their best without losing concentration until the end and were able to win a good victory.”

On this day, Korea won a huge 22-2 victory over China. However, they failed to advance to the quarterfinals. Previously, they had conceded a lot against Australia, Japan, and the Czech Republic, and even though they had 2 wins and 2 losses, they failed to advance to the 토토

Coach Lee, who said, “I will talk after the game” ahead of the game that day, said, “I sincerely thank the fans who visited the baseball field even though the elimination was decided. I am sincerely sorry to the Korean people and baseball fans. The players prepared well. I really did my best to prepare. This result came about because I was lacking. I’m sorry again.” He bowed his head.

Coach Lee will return to Korea with the team on the 14th. He said, “I will calmly go back and look back, and I will reestablish it so that I can prepare.”

As a result, Korea suffered the bitter fate of being eliminated in the first round of three consecutive WBC tournaments. Looking back on the 1st and 2nd tournaments earlier, Coach Lee said, “At that time, I was able to decide on the first starter, such as the starter and the middle,” but “this year, the pitcher’s performance was worse than the fielder’s. I was lacking this year, but when I was making the selection, I was selected according to my thoughts, but it seems to have gone wrong. I had to decide on a clear selection, but I think I didn’t get results because I couldn’t decide because I was lacking.”

Mixed-race player Tommy Hyeonsu Edmund also supported him. Coach Lee said, “I played with a major leaguer from abroad, but the results were not good, so what can I say? However, they got along well and teamwork was not hindered. The result was not good, but I think it is good.”

A Japanese reporter also asked about the reason why Ahn Woo-jin was not selected. Regarding this, director Lee said, “I still have no regrets about that decision.”

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