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Also invited ‘Japan’s other instructors’… Why is coach Lee Seung-yeop serious about pitcher development?

“Because it’s my first time as a director, I asked for strength.”

Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop is serious about pitcher development. During last year’s finish camp, the club invited Yasuo Kubo (64) as pitching instructor, but in this spring camp, Lee personally stepped forward and asked pitching instructor Hisanori Takahashi (48) for help. Even though both instructors are popular in Japan as “one hitter instructors” for pitcher training, they responded to the call of Doosan and coach Lee.

There was a reason to keep looking for Japanese pitching instructors. Coach Lee said, “Anyway, there are many pitchers with good ball control in Japan. They don’t just throw their own pitches, they also use the psychology of batters. Korean players may have better physiques, but I think that’s why pitchers from different countries throw the ball better. ( What I wanted from the two instructors) was control. With a difference of 0.5 cm, I could get a hit, a home run, a ball, or a strike. I am very sensitive. I don’t know if it will work or not, but I thought it would be effective for younger players if I told them about their experiences. “He explained the background.

Instructor Kubo emphasized the importance of strikes to young pitchers during the finishing camp. He said, “A pitcher must throw a lot of strikes. Don’t be afraid and keep throwing strikes. If you throw a walk, you can’t talk about what’s next,” and coach Lee guided the pitchers in the direction he wanted.

In spring camp, it can be said that Takahashi Instructor takes over this duty. Instructor Takahashi plans to join the Australian camp from the 8th. Instructor Takahashi lives in the United States, and upon hearing the director’s request, “Because it’s my first time as a director, please give me strength,” I responded immediately. Director Lee and instructor Takahashi have been together for four years since 2006 at the Yomiuri Giants in Japanese professional baseball.

Coach Lee said, “Instructor Takahashi has done the starting, middle, and finishing in the US and Japan. And he throws a changeup well. It’s good if you teach the players one such breaking ball. I don’t know if the players can accept it for two weeks. , I think I will study well and send it to you.”

The reason why coach Lee puts so much effort into developing pitchers is to secure more pitchers with a sense of immediate power. Since the 5th starter and left-handed bullpen to be used in the first team are lacking right now, candidates must be carefully reviewed during the camp. Choi Seung-yong, Park Shin-ji, and Kim Dong-ju are being considered for the fifth starter, and Lee Byung-hun, Lee Won-jae, and Kim Ho-jun are being considered for the left-handed bullpen. 토토사이트

Manager Lee said, “In fact, it is difficult to organize a starting rotation without even one Choi Seung-yong. There are many, but the left and right balance is important. That’s why I’m going to pay more attention to the pitchers in this camp.”

He continued, “You don’t have to talk about our players’ sincerity. I’m still surprised. Yesterday, the players went out, picked up a bat, turned it, and held a towel and did shadow pitching. I was surprised.” I was expecting a lot.

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