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Announcement of Max FC First League 25 matchups to be held in Daegu on the 22nd

Max FC, the nation’s largest standing martial arts organization, confirmed and announced the matchups for the ‘1st Dalseo-gu Office Jang Cup Muay Thai Championships and Max FC First League 25’ held at the Wolbae National Sports Center in Daegu on the 22nd. A total of 54 players in 27 matches, including amateur players from Dalseo-gu, Daegu, will participate in the tournament.

The match that draws the most attention is the match between Choi Eun-ji (28, Dalseo Peerless Gym) and Oh Jeong-eun (25, Gwangju Fighting Muay Thai). It was not easy to find an opponent for Choi Eun-ji, who is the representative female martial artist in the Daegu region and is the No. In such a situation, Oh Jeong-eun voluntarily stepped forward as her challenger and her match was concluded. Choi Eun-ji said, “I heard that Oh Jeong-eun first offered me a match from her player side. She will know what kind of player I am that day,” she said, confidently saying, “After four consecutive victories, the next match will be the champion title match.”토스카지노

The rivalry match between Jang Seung-yu (20, Geoje Team Yamabins Gym), ranked 4th in the super middleweight ranking, and Park Tae-joon (36, Gwangju El Boxing Gym, Gyeonggi-do), 5th, is also interesting. Jang Seung-yu said, “I am training with all my might every day to break her recent losing streak. My opponent is a veteran, but I will definitely win and challenge again to become the champion.” Park Tae-jun, who successfully returned last year after leaving the ring as a coach for a long time, expressed his strong determination, saying, “If I have another chance, I want to achieve my dream of becoming a champion again.”

In addition, featherweight Park Jae-won (20, Uijeongbu one-two) – Jeong Da-un (32, Daegu The Fighter Club), Walter weight Won Jae-hyeon (21, Pyeongtaek Victory Gym) – Yoo Chae-won (20, Gwangju fighting spirit), etc. It is expected that you will be able to enjoy the fun of standing fighting.

‘The 1st Dalseo-gu Office Manager’s Cup Muay Thai Championships and Max FC First League 25’ will be held free of charge. You can also watch it live on the Max FC YouTube channel.

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