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Ansan Greeners recruits ‘side multi-resource’ Kim Chae-woon, ‘U22 resource’ Kang Jun-mo

Ansan Greeners reinforced their strength by recruiting Kim Chae-woon (22) and Kang Jun-mo (20).

Kim Chae-woon, a native of Incheon United U15 and U18, has been active as a key player in the team since he was a youth, and received attention as a promising player early on. . 

Kim Chae-woon entered the pro in 2019 as he was called up to Incheon United immediately after graduation. Afterwards, he was loaned to Asan, Chungcheongnam-do in 2022, and showed growth as the team’s main player, recording 36 appearances and 2 assists. 카지노

Kim Chae-woon, a wingback with a high level of involvement in offense and defense, has excellent cross skills through one-on-one defense and bold overlapping, and boasts fast speed and sophisticated kicking power. He is also expected to add destructive power to the Ansan side with a multi-resource that can digest all positions on the side.

Kang Jun-mo started his career as a player in Mainz 05 U17 in Germany in 2018, and has been active in Germany all the way through Dynamo Dresten Youth Team, Gruyter Furth, and Ingolstadt. After that, he joined Suwon FC last summer and took his first step in the K-League.

Kang Jun-mo, whose strength is breaking through the side using momentary speed, is expected to add great strength to Ansan’s offensive resources as a U22 resource striker.

Kim Chae-woon expressed his determination, saying, “I am very excited to join Ansan.”

Kang Jun-mo said, “I think it’s an honor to come to a good team called Ansan.”

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