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Are salary and grades inversely proportional? Baltimore and Pittsburgh, at the bottom of the payroll, storm early in the season

In the American professional baseball major leagues, the early season ransom and ranking are inversely proportional.

Until today (23rd), the Tampa Bay Rays (18-3) and the Baltimore Orioles (13-7) occupy the 1st and 2nd place in the American League (AL) overall win rate. Among the 30 major league teams, Tampa Bay ranked 28th with a payroll of $75.17 million (based on Spotrac), and Baltimore ranked 29th with $64.92 million. The two teams with the lowest player salaries in the league are leading the league.

The National League (NL) is in a similar situation. 메이저놀이터The Milwaukee Brewers (15-6) ranked first in overall win rate, and the Pittsburgh Pirates (15-7) ranked second, and the payrolls of these two teams were 20th ($119.37 million) and 27th ($75.32 million), respectively. )no see.

Four teams in the bottom third of payroll are leading the league early. In particular, unlike Tampa Bay and Milwaukee, which have maintained their top spot for several years, the blasts of Baltimore and Pittsburgh are giving the league new pleasure.

Baltimore’s offensive power is strong, centering on second-year catcher Adley Luchman and outfielders Austin Hayes and Cedric Mullins, while Pittsburgh’s existing central hitter, outfielder Brian Reynolds, is active, and past superstar ‘Pirate Captain’ Andrew McCutchen is strong. Returning this season, it has changed to a team with sticky performance.

On the other hand, the top 5 teams in payroll are in a less than satisfactory position. Thanks to the generous investment of owner Steve Cohen, the New York Mets, which boasts the league’s top payroll ($345.84 million), are running 14-8 with a record of 14 wins and 8 losses, following the Atlanta Braves in second place in the NL East. It ranks 4th in the NL and 7th overall in the league.

The New York Yankees, second in payroll ($279.04 million), are 13-8, third in the AL East, fourth in the AL and eighth in the league.

The third-place San Diego Padres ($246.47 million) is 11-12, and the fourth-place Philadelphia Phillies ($243.44 million) is 10-12, less than a 50% win rate. The 5th place Los Angeles Dodgers ($227.49 million) is also 11-11, staying at 50%.

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