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At the beginning of fall, “with the fans, and with my family…” One great day for the fourth-year outside hitter

Season 4 of the 2020 KBO debut. A day like no other in the early days of fall. David Buchanan, Samsung Lions (34). Exploded on the mound in his first start of September.

Took the mound when the team needed him most, in the most uncertain shape.

August was a rough month. I had hand cramps, I had a sore throat.

He went down early and skipped one start.

It had been 12 days since his last start against Daejeon Hanwha. The last three games were all unexpected bullpen days.

March 31 against Suwon KT. Taylor Widener was replaced by Hong Jung-woo on the day of the start due to a cold. Day 1 against the Daegu NC. Choi Chae-heung was pulled after just two innings. Day 2 against Daegu NC. Won Tae-in was relieved by the bullpen after two innings due to an 88-minute rain delay.

The result was three straight losses. The bullpen was also exhausted. The only bullpen pitchers available were the veteran duo of Woo Gyu-min and Oh Seung-hwan. I was in a situation where I had to go the distance, and my shoulders were heavy.

But a pitcher who breaks a losing streak when his team is struggling. Buchanan was a true ace. He pitched 6⅔ innings of five-hit ball with two walks and four strikeouts in a 6-1 win that snapped his team’s losing streak. Nine wins on the season. Just one win shy of double-digit wins for the fourth straight year.

When he struck out Do Tae-hoon Kim in the seventh inning, he had thrown 97 pitches. For Buchanan, who believes that “unless you’re at 100 pitches, you’re always up for a new inning,” it was an inning that should have ended.

But at that moment, there was someone else who took the ball and crossed the line. It was Park Jin-man.

He decided to make a substitution. He took the mound with an interpreter as a tribute to his ace.

Ace, who made the game winnable. It was an active substitution to protect him given his recent physical condition. Knowing his competitive nature, he took over from pitching coach Kwon Oh-joon.

It didn’t take long. Seeing his commander’s consideration, he handed over the ball and walked down the mound.

It was more fulfillment than disappointment. Buchanan turned to the home fans, who had packed the third-base bleachers for the holiday, took off his cap, held it to his chest, and waved, expressing his heartfelt gratitude. The thunderous applause grew to a crescendo, and among the crowd was Buchanan’s family.스포츠토토

There were his twin sisters, who had traveled to Korea to see their brother and had batted and hit the day before.

“I pitched a great game in front of a lot of fans and family,” Buchanan said in a postgame interview. It was a perfect day.” “When I see them after the game, I’m going to ask them if they enjoy the Korean baseball culture,” he said, adding, “I saw them in the stands during the game and they were already dancing and singing along to the chants, so it’s pretty obvious.”

Buchanan thanked the fans for supporting him and welcoming his family, saying, “I’m always grateful. I’m so grateful for the warmth and hospitality, not just for me, but for my family and my sisters,” he said.

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