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BNK leaves Busan and stands in front of Changwon and Ulsan fans… Game on the 19th and 24th

Busan BNK will hold a second home game in Changwon City and Ulsan Metropolitan City, where BNK Kyongnam Bank’s head office is located, to revitalize women’s basketball in the Bu-Ul-Gyeong region and quench the thirst of Gyeongnam fans who want to watch women’s professional basketball.

BNK, which held its second home game at the Masan Indoor Gymnasium in its first season in 2019, will hold a game in Gyeongnam, which has not been able to proceed due to Corona 19.

First of all, on February 19th, a match against Incheon Shinhan Bank will be held at the Changwon Indoor Gymnasium, and the match will be broadcast live on KBS1 and Busan MBC. In addition, there is a delivery ceremony for basketball equipment worth 5 million won to the Masan Girls’ High School women’s basketball team.

On February 24th, Yongin Samsung Life Insurance will be invited to Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium, and the game will be played, and basketball equipment worth 5 million won will be delivered to the Ulsan Bongo women’s basketball team. 먹튀검증

Lee Doo-ho, owner of BNK, said, “We prepared the second home game in Changwon City and Ulsan Metropolitan City to repay the support of basketball fans in the Gyeongnam region this season and to develop women’s professional basketball.”

Meanwhile, both games in the Gyeongnam region will be free of charge, and generous prizes such as 5 stylers, 5 50-inch TVs and gift certificates will be provided through a lottery after the game.

Invitation tickets for these games will be distributed at each branch of BNK Kyongnam Bank in Changwon and Ulsan from February 6th.

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