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BNK wants the top seed in the playoffs, the reality is 2 wins and 3 losses in the last 5 games

BNK’s goal is 2nd place. However, due to recent sluggishness, it gave up second place.

Busan BNK Some lost 73-78 to Yongin Samsung Life Insurance in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league held at Yongin Indoor Gymnasium on the 8th.

BNK succeeded in advancing to the playoffs for the first time since its foundation last season. At that time, Kim Han-byeol (178cm, F) held the center, and Ahn Hye-ji (164cm, G) and Lee So-hee (170cm, G) also grew up a notch.

This season, Han Eom-ji (180cm, F) was recruited to advance to the playoffs. In addition, Jinan (181cm, C) also melted into the team.

Although they faced Asan Woori Bank in the first game of the season and suffered a crushing loss, from then on, the team, centered on Kim Han-byul, did their best to advance to the playoffs. As a result, BNK maintains a top-tier fight. Although the gap with Woori Bank in first place was large, it continued to fight for second place with Samsung Life Insurance.

There was also an opportunity to widen the gap. In the 4th round, Samsung Life’s main guards were injured and fell into a 5-game losing streak. However, BNK did not make good use of that period. This is because the players caught the flu and could not maintain their normal condition. In the 4th round, it was only 3 wins and 2 losses. And in the 5th round, he met Shinhan Bank and lost. With the loss of the game, the gap with Samsung Life narrowed to 0.5 games.

That’s how BNK had an important match with Samsung Life Insurance in the 5th round. If the match is lost, the second place is handed over.

The 2nd place at BNK was even more special. Like other teams, BNK was stronger at home. They have a record of 8 wins and 3 losses at home. On the other hand, away from home, the record is 5 wins and 7 losses. In particular, BNK is more important because it is the only one that uses Gyeongsang Province as its home.

Recognizing this, BNK coach Park Jeong-eun said, “As with all teams, our team has a better energy level, especially when playing at home. These are the players who have a lot of excitement. So I think it would be better to finish second and win a lot of home games. I think it’s essential to get rid of the disappointment in last year’s playoffs.”

It was an important match to defend the 2nd place, but BNK also lost the match that day.

At the beginning of the first quarter, Lee So-hee took the lead and took the mood. The streak made it 6-2. However, it was reversed by giving 7 points in a row to the opponent. I tried to reverse with Jinan at the fore, but failed because I couldn’t control Bae Hye-yoon (183cm, C). And in the second quarter, the opponent allowed 0-12 runs, widening the score gap. Kim Han-byul succeeded in buzzer beater, but the score was 37-42. 토토사이트

BNK could not take advantage of the opportunity to pursue until the middle of the third quarter. However, in the second half of the third quarter, they narrowed the score gap with a quick attack. He succeeded in 11-4 runs and finished the third quarter with a score of 58-62. BNK pursued to the end. Lee So-hee, who was somewhat quiet in the first half, gave her strength until the end. However, he failed to control Kang Yoo-rim (175cm, F) and lost the match.

Due to the defeat in the match, BNK lost the 2nd place. In addition, it was tied for third place with Incheon Shinhan Bank.

BNK will face off against Cheongju KB on the 11th in Cheongju. After that, the opponents are Woori Bank and Shinhan Bank. After that, we will have another confrontation with Shinhan Bank. In particular, if you lose in a series against Shinhan Bank, you can fall to 4th place. Attention is focusing on whether BNK will be able to rebound and regain the 2nd place.

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