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‘Brazilian big brother’ Rafael, “Successful in Japan and China, sure to win in Jeonbuk!”

 ‘Brazilian big brother’ Rafael promised success. Together with his younger brothers, he vowed to make his best performance. 

Jeonbuk Hyundai recruited a new foreign player, Raphael. Coach Kim Sang-shik wanted Rafael to attend the winter training camp in Marbella, Spain. That he has to adapt quickly with his teammates. Although not in perfect shape, Rafael is doing his best. 

Born in Brazil’s prestigious SC Corinthians youth, Rafael made his debut at Coritiba FC (Brazil’s first division) in 2012 and immediately transferred to FC Lugano (Switzerland) to challenge the overseas stage.

Rafael entered Asia in 2014 when he joined Albirex Niigata in the Japanese J-League, and played for three seasons in Niigata, scoring 26 goals and 5 assists in 62 games.

Rafael, who moved to Urawa Reds in the same league ahead of the 2017 season, played 42 games for Urawa and scored 21 points, half of the games. In particular, in the 2017 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League, he scored 9 goals out of 11 matches he played, including 2 goals in the final, giving Urawa the ACL championship trophy. 

Following the Japanese stage, Raphael entered China in 2018. After moving to Wuhan FC, he scored 23 goals in 23 matches and promoted the team to the Super League. 

In Korea, there was a lot of interest in Rafael, who has adapted well to the Asian stage. Multiple K-League clubs also tried to recruit Rafael, but Jeonbuk recruited him. 

Raphael, who is under the strict management of Jeonbuk staff, said, “I have played abroad a lot since I was a child.” “I have always produced good results, especially in Asia. This time I joined Jeonbuk, the best in the K-League. I am sure I can make good results.” . 

Rafael has experience with Korean soccer. It is definitely an unforgettable experience. When he played for Urawa, he played against the Korean team in the ACL stage. Rafael said, “I had an unforgettable experience at the time. Also, Korean football is technically excellent, but it was physically burdensome. I ran a lot and fought fiercely. I have many thoughts about that part. “, he emphasized.  메이저놀이터

According to Jeonbuk interpreter Kim Min-soo, Rafael is on the serious side. He’s not completely talkative, but he’s described as serious in many ways. He explained that he is similar to players such as Eninho and Edu who play with a sense of responsibility.

Regarding his personality, Rafael said, “If Gustavo and other players have a fun style, I am a little different. I understand them because they are young players,” he said. There are many players, but I have more. I will tell you various stories with a sense of responsibility.” 

Raphael, who also played in China, said, “When I first went to China, the environment and support were very good. However, everything changed due to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19). memories left” 

Regarding the adaptation of the team, he said, “The coach and coaching staff wanted to accompany the training camp. He explained that it was good to adapt quickly. That’s right. Even if the language doesn’t work well, I’m getting stronger by digesting the same schedule every day. It’s because I’m adapting well like that. Because of that, I think he will quickly make a good appearance on the playground.” 

On the other hand, Rafael said, “I know that Korea is not an easy place. But I have always made good results in Asia. I know that Jeonbuk is where I have to win. I will recover quickly and try to win all competitions.” promised that

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