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Clippers interested in D’Angelo Russell and Christian Wood

The Los Angeles Clippers are watching the trade market.

According to Mark Stein of The Stein Line, the Clippers are looking at D’Angelo Russell (guard, 193cm, 88kg) from the Minnesota Timberwolves and Christian Wood (forward, 206cm, 97kg) from the Dallas Mavericks.

In the Clippers, point guard and center are weak compared to other positions. Reggie Jackson and Ivica Zubachi are starting out, but there is no sense of power to support them. He has a number of forwards and swingmen, but has not been able to properly fill the point guard and center positions.

At least in the offseason, he terminated his contract with the Houston Rockets and caught John Wall, who came to the transfer market. The Clippers signed him to a multi-year contract using the intermediate exception clause. However, the Clippers have experimented with Wall. If possible, we hope to trade, and if it does not happen, we are considering not working together. He is not expected to be practically with Wall.

In the meantime, Russell and Wood’s contracts expire at the end of this season. They could have signed an extension contract with their respective team, but there was no news of the contract. Minnesota is looking for a new guard to stick with for the long term, and Dallas doesn’t want to sign Wood right away. As a result, all of them are being discussed as trade candidates.

Even if the Clippers are realistically interested in both, bringing them in at once isn’t easy. The story may be different if the forwards that the Clippers are proud of are used in large trades, but if they use many of them, the player base that the Clippers are proud of will inevitably be thin. 먹튀검증

First of all, it is natural to be interested in Russell. Jackson is playing as the starting point guard, but Jackson is also strictly an offensive guard. Recently, he has been playing an active role since he took the starting lineup, but if Russell comes in, the range of Jackson’s utilization may increase. Russell is more valuable as a point guard than Jackson, so the Clippers deserve an eye.

However, the ransom is key. Russell is making over $31 million this season. The Clippers, on the other hand, are already overspending. His total salary this season alone is over $191 million. If you add in the luxury tax, the spending goes up even more. If the Clippers want to bring Russell, it is possible to send at least two of their main powers except for their core powers. In other words, there is a high possibility that it will stop with interest.

Russell started in all 52 games for Minnesota this season. He is averaging 18.1 points (.461 .386 .859), 3.1 rebounds, 6.2 assists and 1.1 steals in 33.3 minutes per game. The average assist figure has decreased slightly from last season, but if conditions permit, it can be responsible for an average of 6 assists or more.

On the other hand, Wood’s ransom is less than half of Russell’s. Wood’s salary this season is about $14.3 million. He’s not bad either. This season, he is averaging 29 minutes in 42 games for Dallas, averaging 18.4 points (.535 .385 .737), 8.4 rebounds and 1.7 assists. As a backup big man who needs the Clippers, he has a sense of power that can do his part.

Even more so, Dallas has a lot of big men. In addition to Wood, Maxi Kleba and Dwight Powell are also lined up. Wood trade is worth a try. However, considering Wood’s current role in Dallas, it will not be easy for the Clippers to bring him in. The fact that he embraced Kyrie Irving in a recent trade cannot be overlooked.

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