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‘Contract termination → in two days’ Former Hanwha Subero coach, boarding a plane to the United States on the 13th

Former Hanwha coach Carlos Subero (51) will return to the United States on the 13th.

An official from Hanwha said on the 12th, “Former manager Carlos Subero is scheduled to depart via Incheon International Airport (KE0017) at 2:30 pm on the 13th.”

Coach Subero’s contract with Hanwha was terminated on the 11th. He came to Korea on November 27, 2020, signing a three-year contract. He was the club’s first foreign manager.

His purpose was clear. The situation where the team fell to the bottom of the table. He gave an order to remake the team. it’s a rebuild

He tried to make changes by using a large number of young players. However, it also received a lot of criticism. Rebuilding is good, but it seems that the direction is not clearly set. Hanwha was still in last place.

After the 2022 season, it is known that there was a discussion about replacing the manager. Hanwha decided to trust and go one more time. However, as the team fell into a losing streak in April, the manager replacement came to the surface again.

This time, Hanwha drew her sword. After the game on the 11th, the appointment of a new manager was suddenly announced. Choi Won-ho, coach of the Futures, was called to the first team. He signed a three-year contract worth 1.4 billion won.토스카지노

Break up with Subero. Coaches Jose Rosado and coach Darrell Kennedy have also ended their contracts. On the 12th, a new coaching staff was formed and announced. It’s a breeze.

Counting from the date of the contract, he took the baton of Hanwha for 896 days. And on the 12th, coach Subero organized his luggage at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park. And a day later, on the 13th, I board a plane to the United States. 

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