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Controversy over gossip on social media → seniors apologized one by one… Kim Seo-hyun “I will engrave the advice of senior Jung Woo-ram in my heart”

Hanwha Eagles Kim Seo-hyun (19) apologized for the recent SNS controversy.

After apologizing to the team before the spring camp training held at Bell Bank Park in Mesa, Arizona, USA on the 11th (Korean time), Kim Seo-hyun said, “There is no excuse for this. The fans had high expectations for me, but I’m sorry for disappointing them after seeing them live up to their expectations.”

Kim Seo-hyun, who was nominated as the first overall pick in the first round of the 2023 rookie draft, drew keen attention with her fastball of over 150 km/h. In spring camp bullpen pitching, he has already raised expectations by throwing up to 151km.

However, as his private Instagram account was leaked on the 6th, he was embroiled in a great controversy. Kim Seo-hyun expressed her dissatisfaction by using profane language towards the coaching staff and fans on the account. As the fans’ anger grew, Hanwha suspended Kim Seo-hyun from training on the 3rd and imposed a fine according to the club’s regulations. 온라인카지노

Kim Seo-hyun, who could not participate in training from the 7th to the 10th, including the rest day, appeared at the baseball field in 4 days. Kim Seo-hyun said, “I will really make sure this doesn’t happen again. I have become basic before being a baseball player, and I will work hard to become a more mature person than I am now and come back. I am really sorry,” he apologized.

Hanwha said, “After the controversy, Kim Seo-hyun visited all the seniors participating in the camp one by one and bowed her head in apology. She said that in the process, she received a lot of advice from her seniors and learned a lot. She told me that she would stay away from social media as much as possible,” she said, explaining that Kim Seo-hyun is deeply reflecting.

Kim Seo-hyun said, “I visited all the seniors and told her that I was sorry. Her seniors told her to ‘reflect on this mistake and use it as an opportunity to become a better person’. After hearing that, he reflected a lot, and he thought again about how to act as a professional player in the future.” He expressed his gratitude to his seniors.

Team captain Jung Woo-ram did not hesitate to give advice to Kim Seo-hyun. Kim Seo-hyun said, “Especially, senior Jung Woo-ram gave me a lot of good words. ‘I made a mistake once, so I have to change a lot. I have to work harder, become more mature, and train harder.'” “Also, senior Jung Woo-ram said, ‘We exist because we have fans, and fans are really precious.’ Hearing those words, I felt that I had acted really foolishly, and I deeply reflected on myself. He added, “I will live with the gratitude of the fans in my heart.”

Kim Seo-hyun, who disappointed her fans by being embroiled in controversy as soon as she set foot on the professional stage, can accept the advice of her seniors and show a new side of herself. 

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