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Controversy over retaining manager Japan, this time controversy over ‘unverified’ coach candidate

Despite breaking through the group of death and advancing to the World Cup round of 16, internal troubles are not serious.

Japan advanced to the round of 16 at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. In the group stage, they were drawn in a group with Germany, Spain and Costa Rica, and were drawn into the group of death. Not many people expected Japan to advance to the round of 16.

However, Japan beat favorites Germany and Spain to advance to the round of 16 with a record of 2 wins and 1 loss. Although they lost to Costa Rica, they wrote history by defeating Germany and Spain at the World Cup stage.

In the round of 16, it was evaluated that they did well enough to lose to Croatia after a penalty shootout.

However, immediately after the tournament, controversy arose when coach Hajime Moriyasu was retained. Coach Moriyasu discarded the traditional colors of Japan and pursued practicality in this World Cup.

In response, reports emerged that some players, who have strong pride in passing play unique to Japan, rebelled against it. It is reported that some veteran players protested against coach Moriyasu, and on the contrary, there were players who supported Moriyasu.

The ‘result’ was obtained, but when the tournament was over, news of infighting and criticism of abandoning Japan’s unique tactics came out. Public opinion is showing different attitudes when entering and exiting the bathroom.

As a result, when Moriyasu’s retention was decided, public opinion raised a question mark, and now the question turned to the coaching staff.

Japan decided to reorganize its coaching staff this time around. A lot of new faces are expected to come in, and young coaches are expected to join, including Japanese soccer legend Shunsuke Nakamura.

The coaches listed are Shunsuke Nakamura, Ryoichi Maeda, Kengo Nakamura, and Hiroshi Nanami. Except for Hiroshi Nakamura, who was born in 1972, they are all young coaches. However, there are many voices of concern about joining inexperienced coaches amid suspicions that there was an infighting at the Qatar World Cup.

Sergio Echigo, a Japanese soccer veteran, wrote in an article on the Japanese media’Soccer Digest’ on the 13th, “It is true that those mentioned as coaches are famous, but they cannot be regarded as having the ability. The coach candidates themselves also said, ‘Huh? I would think?’” he pointed out.

Regarding Shunsuke Nakamura in particular, “I think he is looking forward to being a free kick coach, but in Yokohama FC, where he last played, there is still no player other than him who takes a proper free kick. I know Shunsuke Nakamura’s technique is great, but it means that he hasn’t properly taught his younger players.” 슬롯사이트

Regarding Nanami Hiroshi, “None of the teams are producing results. But he can’t understand that all of a sudden he becomes the Japanese national team coach. Theoretically, it can be to some extent, but the results have not been good in the two teams I have been in charge of so far.” Hiroshi Nanami has experience as a director and is currently working as a manager at Matsumoto Yamaga. He previously held Jubilo Iwata for five years. He promoted Jubilo Iwata, who had fallen into the second division, but after that he bounced around the bottom of the first division, and was relegated in 2019.

Kengo Nakamura and Ryoichi Maeda will retire in 2020 and 2021, respectively, and lack leadership experience.

Sergio Echigo said, “It is important that you are producing results as a leader. Didn’t coach Morillas experience winning championships while at Sanfrecce? The national team must come from people who are producing good results as leaders,” he said, emphasizing that the coaches who are mentioned are lacking in ability as leaders compared to the value of their names as players.

Sergio Echigo then recommended the coaching staff with whom Moriyasu had worked with when he was coaching in Hiroshima for the new coaching staff.

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