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Curry’s reflection on being sent off for throwing a mouthpiece “I’m out of my mind”

Curry couldn’t finish the game to the end. 

The Golden State Warriors won 122-120 in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season Memphis Grizzlies held at the Chase Center in San Francisco on the 26th (Korean time).

Golden State, who had been dragged, turned the game to the starting point by pursuing the fourth quarter. However, in the seesaw game aspect, there was a dizzying scene that almost completely gave the flow to the opponent.

A power leak occurred when ace Stephen Curry was ejected. When his teammate Jordan Poole tried a relatively quick shot and missed it, Curry couldn’t control his anger and threw the mouthpiece into the crowd. The referee ordered Curry to be ejected immediately, and Curry exited the court after protesting.

This isn’t the first time Curry has been ejected for throwing a mouthpiece during a game. Coincidentally, all three of his career ejections were due to Curry throwing a mouthpiece. In the 2016 Finals and the game against Memphis in October 2017, he could not easily contain his anger and threw the mouthpiece.

Even with Curry’s exit, the Golden State players were relatively calm. Klay Thompson hit a 3-pointer, and Poole, who was the target of Curry’s rebuke, won the team with a winning layup shot. 메이저사이트

A situation that could have ruined the game because of his sudden action. Regained, Curry walked out of the locker room after the game and greeted Poole in the hallway. Pool laughed, threw his mouthpiece, and held a ceremony with Curry.

After the game, Curry reflected, “Looking back at the time I was sent off, I was out of my mind.” thanked the

Regarding the fact that he protested the ejection decision after throwing the mouthpiece, he replied, “Unlike in 2016, I thought that I would not be ejected because no one was hit.”

Manager Steve Kerr did not react much to the Ace’s exit, saying, “I didn’t see Stephen Curry throw the mouthpiece. The way we won the game after Curry’s exit was great. We did what needed to be done.”

Golden State, which was in a crisis where the atmosphere could have subsided significantly, gained an opportunity to strengthen the team even more by winning with Poole’s winning shot. Can Golden State, with a .500 odds, win against Toronto on the 28th?

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