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Daegu FC, the answer found at the Japanese camp, ‘Brazil is strong’

The professional soccer K-League starts next week. Daegu FC is also preparing to return home

after finishing the training camp in Japan  . Reporter Seok Won from the Daegu  FC camp in  Japan will tell you the solution for the 2023 season that Daegu FC found at  this camp from the South Sea to Japan. ◀Reporter▶ Daegu FC camp where only a small number of people participated in Kagoshima, where volcanoes and cities coexist  . Among the 26 players,  there are as many as four from Brazil. The expectations for them are clear. ◀Director Choi Won-kwon of Daegu FC▶  “We, especially our foreign players,  are a team that can win only when foreign players solve the problem,  so I think it’s very positive that they faithfully  follow the training very well  .” Edgar, who has returned from the team’s ace Sejingya,  gathers expectations based on his familiar sense of security. “As for the weight of the captain, because there was a difficult situation last year, I will play the game with responsibility as a captain and a long-time player of the team so that I can have a better year than last year.”

◀Sejingya Daegu FC player▶ 

 ◀Edgar Daegu FC Player▶ 
“As all fans know, I will always risk everything for Daegu FC. I am preparing to show the skills that fans expect. I am also improving my condition.” New faces , Baselus and Serato, will join the new faces in the 

new K-League foreign rules change this season  . Baselus, who should be responsible for the side and vitality of the team. ◀Baselos Daegu FC▶ “I think the football style we have and the color of the team are similar. We are trying to adapt. I think it matches what Daegu is pursuing in that it is a reckless and goal-oriented football.” Serato will join the midfield, which was pointed out as a disappointment in terms of power  . ◀Serato Daegu FC▶  “From the moment I put on the Daegu uniform, I know very well that I have to spend my time responsibly.” Their performance is key to Daegu FC, which needs to become stronger  . Daegu FC’s hidden confidence in finishing the camp  begins with the potential of the Brazilian players. This is MBC News Seokwon from Kagoshima, Japan. 메이저놀이터

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