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Debut goal before debut’ Rubikson “Drunk in the atmosphere of Ulsan… The ceremony just came out”

Swedish striker Rubiksson, who scored his debut goal in the opening game and scored a come-from-behind goal in the opening game, revealed that he was properly intoxicated by the atmosphere at the home stadium.

Ulsan first gave up a goal to Song Min-gyu in the 10th minute of the first half of the Hana 1Q K League 1 2023 opening match against Jeonbuk at Munsu Soccer Stadium in Ulsan on the 25th, but won 2-1 with an equalizer by Um Won-sang in the 43rd minute and a come-from-behind goal by Rubikson in the 19th minute of the second half. did.

Rubiksson, who met in the joint coverage area after the game, said, “It feels really good. It’s a victory achieved at the sacrifice of all my teammates. Many fans came to visit here, and I’m really happy that I reciprocated with a goal.” conveyed his impressions.

“The players talked a lot about Jeonbuk among themselves. There was pressure that we were champions, and we conceded one goal first, but we scored an important goal to follow in the first half. After that, I feel comfortable. Jeonbuk is a good team, and the level is good, but We were a good team, so we were able to deal well.”

He said that the atmosphere in the stadium was also fantastic. On this day, 28,039 spectators visited the stadium. It is the first time since Corona 19 that about 30,000 people have gathered.

“It was a really amazing atmosphere,” said Rubiksson. “The stadium was almost full. I am so happy to present a victory against Jeonbuk to the fans who came to the stadium to meet the crowd and enjoy the victory after the corona. It was really nice to be able to rejoice together.”

In addition, Rubikson said, “When the second half started, the coach told me in advance that Won-sang Eom was not in good shape, so he was preparing to play.” I thought I’d try to follow that,” he said, saying Um Won-sang’s play was helpful.

Rubiksson’s debut goal was a bit special. It is not a common scene to take advantage of the goalkeeper’s mistake to steal the ball and put it into the empty goal. 메이저놀이터

Regarding the scoring moment, Rubiksson said, “I was a little anxious because I didn’t know if the opponent was chasing or not. I could have taken one more touch, but it was a perfect open chance, and seeing that no one was chasing, I put it into the empty net without pressure. It was really good.”

Rubikson is a self-made player who started from the 7th division to the 1st professional league.

Rubikson said, “It is impossible to go up to a higher level if you do not work hard every moment.” revealed

After scoring his come-from-behind goal, Rubik Thorne presented a rather unconventional goal celebration. He put his fingers to his mouth as if to be quiet and said ‘hush’, and this time he put his hands to his ears as if to listen to the crowd. After that, he pointed his finger at the sky.

Regarding this, Rubik’s hand said, “I don’t know. Maybe I was drunk with the atmosphere today. Didn’t he put his hand on his mouth and ears and pointed at the sky? There were no special ceremonies. “I guess she’ll change from time to time,” she laughed.

Lastly, he cited strong fighting spirit as an advantage. “My biggest strength is my fighting spirit,” said Rubiksson. “It’s not that important to me to score. It’s good if I score and win, but it’s not so good if I score and lose. I have to improve every game.”

At the same time, he emphasized that team victory is the most important, saying, “The next game is against Gangwon, and I want the team to win, whether starting from the start or from the bench.” Photo

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