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Director Shin Tae-yong, “The draw for the 亞 Cup, the Qatar group, not the Korean team”… The reason is?

Prior to the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup group formation, Indonesian national soccer team coach Shin Tae-yong was looking forward to organizing A Group, which is home to the Qatar national soccer team.

The AFC will hold the 2023 AFC Qatar Asian Cup final draw ceremony at the Qatar Opera Hall in Doha at 8:00 pm (Korean time) on the 11th. On this day, Korea national football team coach Jürgen Klinsmann, Malaysia national football team coach Kim Pan-gon, and Indonesia national football team coach Shin Tae-yong will attend as heads of teams for the finals.

Coach Shin has been in a difficult situation due to contract issues related to the Asian Cup in Qatar, which is scheduled to kick off on January 12 next year. Since 메이저사이트 the contract period is until the end of 2023, the situation of participating in major competitions beyond the year has become ambiguous. However, coach Shin expressed his intention to participate in the Asian Cup in a conversation with <Best Eleven> locally.

Coach Shin explained the short-term extension of the contract, saying, “The conversation with Eric Tohir, the head of the Indonesian Football Association, has ended well. I thought I should do my part.” It seems that there is a consensus that it is regrettable that the new coach and the Indonesian soccer community should part ways as it is because the FIFA U-20 World Cup, which was scheduled for May this year in Indonesia, was canceled due to domestic issues.

Now, coach Shin is all-in on preparing for the Asian Cup finals. In response to the question of which team he would like to meet prior to the draw for the finals, Coach Shin immediately mentioned Group A, which is dominated by Qatar. Qatar seemed to have made this judgment because it was the weakest team among the six teams (Qatar, Korea, Japan, Iran, Australia, and Saudi Arabia) belonging to Pot 1 in terms of objective power, but it was not.

Coach Shin asked back, “Among the teams participating in this tournament, which team we, who are at the bottom of the FIFA rankings, will ignore,” he said, “There is a reason why we talked about Group A, which Qatar belongs to. As I experienced it, I learned that the schedule is the best if you enter Group A with the host country. In any case, the schedule of Group A with the host country is the backbone of the event. So, if you enter Group A, you can jump on the most favorable schedule.”

Director Shin has experience in making such a judgment. It is the 2015 AFC Australian Asian Cup, where he served as the head coach of the Korean national soccer team. Coach Shin experienced Korea’s runner-up in the tournament when he served as head coach helping former coach Uli Stielike from close range.

Coach Shin said, “During the Asian Cup held in Australia, I had a good experience following a schedule that was more favorable to the host country, Australia.” If it’s a strong team, I want to be in Group A.”

However, we cannot rule out the possibility of joining the group in which South Korea, not Qatar, belongs. Director Shin knows all the strengths and weaknesses of Korea in its heyday, as the players he used as the main players in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, which he led, felt that he could more thoroughly prepare for the Korean match from an outside perspective. It takes

On the other hand, coach Shin seems to want to avoid confrontation with Korea because of his objective strength. Coach Shin said, “I know each and every Korean player, but it’s difficult. First of all, it’s true that we are inferior in one-on-one ability.” Still, he also hinted that he would not back down if given a match. Director Shin said, “It will be a tough match, but if given, I will prepare as well as I can.”

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