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Dodgers president “Bauer decided to release after meeting”

Stan Kasten, president of the Los Angeles Dodgers who released Trevor Bauer, explained the background.

On the 2nd (Korean time), Carsten shared his thoughts on the release of Bauer in an interview with local media such as ‘LA Times’. This was the first time that a Dodgers team management had expressed their thoughts on this.

According to the report, Karsten made the decision to release “in a very short time” after meeting with Bauer. He explained that he did not make a final decision until he met the player in person.

Karsten did not reveal what kind of conversation occurred during the meeting with Bauer, but said that he expressed his desire to return to the player at the club level. In a word, his fate was decided at the meeting between the player and the club.

Bauer, who agreed to a three-year, $102 million contract with the Dodgers ahead of the 2021 season, was accused of sexually abusing a woman in July 2021. couldn’t get out

In April 2022, a 342-game suspension was handed down against him. Judicial punishment was avoided by the prosecution’s decision not to prosecute, but the disciplinary action was announced as Bauer failed to properly cooperate with the investigation by the Secretariat and did not retroactively apply the period of public service leave for the investigation to the disciplinary action.

Bauer appealed, and as a result his suspension was reduced to 194 games, paving the way for his return. The Dodgers once considered returning him, but ultimately chose to release him. After the transfer nomination, he went through a waiver and became a free agent. 메이저놀이터

“We reviewed the whole situation and considered all the factors that could be put into making a decision,” Carsten said. This included listening directly to the players themselves. Because he hasn’t spoken to him once since this incident happened,” he explained about the process. As for the release, he added, “I think I made the right decision.”

President Freddie Freeman, who was present at the table, said, “It didn’t go the way we thought, but we are satisfied with the decision we made and we will focus on the players we have now.”

As for whether the quiet move in this transfer window had anything to do with Bauer’s mitigation of punishment, he acknowledged that Bauer’s situation was a “significant unknown”, but “I don’t think it affected what we wanted to do or did this offseason. No,” he drew a line.

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