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DP World Tour “Garcia is the only non-payer among 17 people subject to fines” public sniping

Sergio Garcia (Spain) has been confirmed to be the only player who did not pay the £100,000 (approximately 166 million won) fine imposed by the DP World Tour.

On the 5th (Korean time), the DP World Tour updated the ‘news on the disciplined players’ on its website.

According to the DP World Tour, 16 out of 17 players who were fined for participating in other tour events last June paid the fine.

The DP World Tour issued a fine of £100,000 in June 2022 after its players competed in a Saudi-funded LIV golf tournament without permission.

After listing the names of the 16 players who completed the fine payment, the DP World Tour stressed that “Garcia did not pay the fine, nor did he indicate any intention to do so. If he continues to disobey the disciplinary action, appropriate action will be taken.” .크크크벳

The previous day, it was reported that four players, including Garcia, Ian Poulter, Lee Westwood, and Richard Bland (above England), had withdrawn from the DP World Tour. A local analysis came out that this was to avoid paying the 100,000 pound fine that the World Tour hit last summer.

However, contrary to expectations, three people except Garcia finished paying the fine, and it was confirmed that only Garcia was unpaid.

The DP World Tour said, “Additional sanctions against the player (Garcia) who violated the rules will be released next week.”

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