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Dropped out of spring camp → Contempt for 2nd Army… NC’s history was rewarded with 6 innings of no-hitter

NC Dinos sidearm pitcher Lee Jae-hak decorated his first pitching in 2023.

Lee Jae-hak took the mound as a starting pitcher against the Changwon Samsung Lions on the 21st. It was his first appearance of the season, but Lee Jae-hak was not shaken. He gave up a walk to Ja-wook Koo in the first inning, but all the remaining batters were hit. In the second inning, he made a three-and-out inning in just seven pitches, including three strikeouts. In the third inning, he struck out Kim Young-woong and Lee Jae-hyeon in a row, but Kim Ji-chan walked on base. Kim Ji-chan’s stolen base put him in a crisis with two outs on second base, but Kim Hyun-joon caught a grounder on first base and finished the inning.

Lee Jae-hak did not allow even a single runner to go on base after Kim Ji-chan. He showed efficient pitching with 9 pitches in the 4th inning, 11 pitches in the 5th inning, and 13 pitches in the 6th inning, making three consecutive tripartite innings. The number of pitches was relaxed with 82 efficient pitches up to the 6th inning, but Lee Jae-hak’s role ended there.

On this day, Lee Jae-hak threw 82 pitches in 6 innings, showing off a pitch with no hits, 4 strikeouts and 2 walks. His best velocity came up to 146 km/h and his strike rate reached 64.6%.

Jaehak Lee is a founding member of NC and a living history. He holds the majority of records such as NC’s first winning pitcher, first complete game, first shutout, first native 10 wins, first rookie of the year, most wins, most innings, most strikeouts, most complete games, and most shutouts.

Lee Jae-hak was literally the sign of the NC Dinos, but fell into continued sluggishness. A typical example is that he was eliminated from the entry for the 2020 Korean Series. This year, he suffered the humiliation of being eliminated from the 1st team spring camp roster, being pushed back by rookies Shin Young-woo and Lee Jun-ho.

However, Lee Jae-hak did not give up. He steadily pitched as a starting pitcher in the Futures League and waited for an opportunity to come.체스카지노

Lee Jae-hak obtained FA status after the 2022 season. However, he was unable to sign a contract for a month after the free agent market opened, and on December 16 of last year, he belatedly signed a contract with a contract period of 2 + 1 years and a maximum of 900 million won. It was a late contract, but Lee Jae-hak said, “I feel so good to be able to continue playing for the NC Dinos, which I have been with since the foundation.” told

Lee Jae-hak is still young at 33 years old. The performance of achieving 10 wins in the past 4 years in a row showed that even if it is difficult to expect, it is enough to be eaten in the first team. We hope that we will be able to see the pitching of Lee Jae-hak, a living witness of NC Dinos history, for a long time.

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