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“Earth’s axis of rotation…” Oh Ji-hwan, after analyzing and researching, changed his 14-year habit

 “I thought about the angle of effort while thinking about the axis of rotation of the earth.”

LG Twins captain Oh Ji-hwan (33) added fun to baseball. It is from correcting the swing trajectory. From the second half of last year, more home runs started coming out, and I gained confidence. He constantly devoted himself to research to achieve better results. Now, Oh Ji-hwan has been reborn as a hitter who can hit harder balls.

Oh Ji-hwan scored a final hit against the SSG Landers held at Jamsil Stadium on the 25th. The bottom of the 9th inning was tied 4-4. With one out and second base, Oh Ji-hwan finished the game with a double with an RBI superiority. On that day, he went 4-for-3, all extra-base hits. Oh Ji-hwan has a slugging percentage of 0.586 this season.

After the game, Oh Ji-hwan said, “Battling is fun. I realized it late, but the side the ball hits and the way the bat travels have changed. I swing as if I am grabbing it. I wanted to hit a bigger ball, so I studied it.” was satisfied with

This is Oh Ji-hwan, who worked tirelessly to establish his swing. He even looked at the Earth’s axis of rotation, trying to find a more efficient way to swing. He said, “I thought about how to make it better. I even looked at the axis of rotation of the earth. I tried to find an angle to use force, and I tried to add flexibility. I gained confidence after hitting a home run. The trajectory for 14 years has not been good.” I remembered the moments I worked hard for.메이저사이트

Oh Ji-hwan found a hitting method that suits him. He wants to keep it until the end of his playing career. He said, “The results are starting to come out. In the future, I will try to use my strength more accurately in my baseball life.”

Recently, he has gotten better at pitching. Oh Ji-hwan emphasized ‘experience’ when asked about the secret. Oh Ji-hwan, who made his debut in 2009, has become a 15-year professional veteran. Since his second year as a pro, he has been a regular starting pitcher, facing many pitchers. He saw as many balls as he did and piled up data.

As of the 25th, LG ranked 1st in team batting average (0.298), 1st in hits (210), 1st in RBIs (118), 1st in runs scored (124), 1st in slugging percentage (0.420), OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage, 0.809 ) came in first place. Most of them are in the top ranks in hitting indicators. In addition, Oh Ji-hwan is returning from injury to add strength.

Oh Ji-hwan expressed his pride, saying, “It’s a composition that has no choice but to be strong. That’s how good it is. There are hitters who can hit base, hitters who are good at reaching base, and hitters who can hit long hits. The harmony is well done.”

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