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Endless undefeated streak, the fearsome storm of Gimpo

“Last season, I repeated good and bad like riding a roller coaster, but this season, the texture is completely different.”

This is what sports commentator Kim Dae-gil, who watched the 10th round match between Gimpo FC and Gimcheon Managing Director Hana 1Q K-League 2 2023 at Gimcheon Sports Complex on the 30th of last month, admired Gimpo’s soccer in a phone call with a reporter after the match.

On this day, Gimpo defeated Gimcheon 2-0 and took the lead by running undefeated (6 wins, 3 draws) in the opening 9 games in a row. The only undefeated teams in the K-League 2 this season are Gimpo and Gyeongnam FC (5 wins and 4 draws). Although Gimpo created a fresh breeze by winning the first two games last year, which raised the flag of its founding, this season, as Commissioner Kim said, the resolution itself is different.

Gimpo spends a budget of around 1.8 billion won, which is significantly smaller than that of corporate clubs and even the same municipal and resident clubs. Nevertheless, corporate clubs such as Jeonnam Dragons and Busan I-Park, as well as Gimcheon, which was called the K-League 2 final, are causing a sensation. It will only be known after the hot summer, but at this point, the momentum is enough to aim for K-League 1 promotion.

Gimpo has no choice but to play soccer aiming for a counterattack while focusing on defense. But not every time. Depending on the situation, it is also possible to press the opponent by pulling the line up to the half line. It is the result of sweating a lot during the off-season and raising organizational power because he is not an opponent in terms of individual ability. Commissioner Kim said, “To be cool, Kim Cheon really did a bad job. Gimpo’s organizational power literally incapacitated the Gimcheon players, who had excellent individual abilities.”메이저사이트

Another thing that Gimpo has changed from last season is the quality of shooting. Gimpo only scored 39 goals last season, second only to Busan. Although the offensive power was poor enough to rank at the bottom of the K-League 2 in both shooting and effective shooting, the overall quality of shooting was poor, with the percentage of effective shooting taking up 32.34% of shooting, only third from the back.

But this season is different. With 15 goals in 9 games, it boasts the second most offensive power after Gyeongnam FC (17 goals) and FC Anyang (16 goals). Although the number of shots is still small, the proportion of effective shots taken from those few shots is a whopping 43.88%, which is the overwhelming No. 1 in the K-League 2. Unlike last season, when chances gained from hard defense were missed every time, this season, many of the chances lead to goals, resulting in the effect of maintaining a steady offensive and defensive energy throughout the game. Commissioner Kim said, “Foreign players in Gimpo this season, such as Luis, Juninho, and Pablo, are players who are better at adapting to team play than individual abilities. As these players continue to play well, Gimpo’s offensive power has also stabilized.”

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