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Eriksen said… A phone call to Ten Haag that changed Eriksen’s mind

A phone call from director Erik Ten Haag persuaded Christian Eriksen.

Eriksen joined Manchester United in the transfer window last summer. After suffering a cardiac arrest at the European Football Federation (UEFA) European Football Championship (Euro) 2020 held in 2021, Eriksen, who went through rehabilitation and succeeded in reviving in Brentford, rose again as a high-level resource in the English Premier League (EPL), It caught the eye of manager Ten Haag, who was building a new team. Eriksen could have stayed at Brentford or returned to Tottenham Hotspur, but he chose to stay with Ten Haag.메이저사이트

Eriksen’s skill was still there. Immediately after joining Manchester United, Eriksen took charge of the team’s third line and emerged as a key resource for United. His stable build-up ability is basic, and he has become an indispensable player in Manchester United’s midfield, such as showing sharp killer passes at times. He left the ground for a while due to injury, but after a quick recovery, he returned in the recent Everton match.

Erik Sen recently appeared on ‘United Podcast’ where he revealed how he came to Manchester United. Eriksen said: “I was at Brentford until the summer and my contract had expired. So I was free to talk to other clubs and open up a lot of possibilities. ) on the phone. Manchester United tried to sign me, and so did I. Coming to Manchester United was really special,” he said, revealing the story behind the transfer.

As much as that, it is highly likely that Eriksen was the signing coach Ten Hag wanted. In fact, Eriksen has played an important role under manager Ten Hag since joining, and after Eriksen’s injury in January, manager Ten Hach had some difficulty filling Eriksen’s void. He did come up with the solution of hiring Bruno Fernandez for a third term, but there were still plenty of fans missing Eriksen.

Fortunately, Eriksen is expected to be seen in the next match. Manchester United face Nottingham Forest on the 17th (Korean time).

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