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FC Chungju, a fresh start, pledges promotion to K3 with improved performance

The ‘Chungju Civic Football Team’, which is active in the men’s soccer K4 League, has been rebranded as ‘FC Chungju’ this year.

So far, we have played 3 league games, and the result is showing good performance with 2 wins and 1 draw.

This is Reporter Park Eon.


Warm-up training is fun while laughing.

Tactics training is more serious than anyone else.

This is the training site of the FC Chungju soccer team.

The training atmosphere of FC Chungju, which uses the Chungju Youth Soccer Field, which opened in November last year as a practice field, is bright and full of fighting spirit.

This is because the K4 League, which opened on the 25th of last month, is showing a good start with 2 wins and 1 draw, including winning two games.

<Interview> Kwon Yeong-ho / FC Chungju captain (defender)온라인바카라

“The activity level of the players and forward pressure have definitely settled down as team colors, so it seems that dynamic football is coming out very differently from other teams.”

Conceded only one goal in three league matches.

I haven’t played many races yet, but the tailgate is solid and I am very confident.

The coaching staff who were with us two years ago when we recorded 14 consecutive wins in the league also rejoined, and we are performing various training programs and power analysis comparable to pros.

The YouTube channel, which is directly operated by the coaches, is also enjoying the effect of promoting the club as interest has recently increased.

<Interview> Munhong / FC Chungju Coach

“If we say that more than 10 fans watching through YouTube come to us, and 50 to 60 people watch other games (live broadcasts), then 500 to 600 of our games have simultaneous access. So I watched the game. Didn’t it become a club that received a lot of attention in the K4 League?” I’m

still staying in the semi-pro league K4 League, but this year I’m determined to be promoted to the K3 League with a different look.

<Interview> Kim Jong-pil / FC Chungju Head Coach

“If the players’ physical condition improves in the future, I think better results will come out, and we will work harder in difficult situations to become an FC Chungju team that can shine in Chungju.”

We look forward to the future performance of FC Chungju, which announced a new leap from this year.

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