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Fenerbahce’s only surplus, Kim Min-jae, gives Napoli at least three times the profit

 Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) of the ‘Iron Pillar’ gave Turkiye Fenerbahce a ‘surplus’.

On the 21st (hereafter Korean time), the Turkish media ‘Milliet’ said, “According to the semiannual financial report released on the public disclosure platform (KAP), the only club in the black is Fenerbahce. Pre-tax profit of 277.6 million lire (about 18.2 billion won), net profit of 2 It was reported at 60.7 million lira (approximately 17.1 billion won).”

He added, “Fenerbahce earned 427 million lire (about 28 billion won) in profit from investment activities. The largest portion of sales revenue was the amount obtained from the transfer of Kim Min-jae.”

When Kim Min-jae moved his nest from Fenerbahce to Naples last summer, he incurred a transfer fee of 18.1 million euros 온라인바카라. In fact, Kim Min-jae’s transfer fee accounted for all of Fenerbahce’s revenue last season.

After that, Kim Min-jae is expected to bring more benefits to Napoli. The value, which was 18.1 million euros, rose to 35 million euros (approximately 46.9 billion won) based on Transfer Markt, a German transfer site. However, the buyout is set at 50 million euros (approximately 67 billion won). From July 1st to 15th this year.

Kim Min-jae is attracting attention from big European clubs such as Manchester United and Real Madrid. For this reason, Napoli has no intention of handing over Kim Min-jae, who played only one season, to a buyout. Napoli and Kim Min-jae are expected to meet in March and negotiate an upward adjustment to the buyout.

However, if the negotiations do not go well, the burden on the teams trying to recruit Kim Min-jae will increase. After July 15th, transfer fees skyrocket. There is a high possibility that the transfer fee will exceed 100 million euros. He could be the most expensive ransom protagonist in the world of defenders. He can be valued higher than Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool), who is considered the best defender in existence.

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