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Football mecca Sancheong-gun, sports club youth training class founded

Reporter Ji Seong-ho = Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do announced on the 6th that it established a sports club youth training class for elementary school students.

The Youth Development Class, which recruited about 50 people from each grade of elementary school in the region, completed the founding work last year and started full-scale training.

They are building solid basic skills by receiving guidance from coaches and coaches three times a week after school.

Sancheong-gun, which has had difficulties in recruiting talent due to the lack of an elementary school, plans to focus its efforts on becoming a soccer mecca by linking with the U-15 middle school through this establishment.

Sancheong-gun has such a well-equipped soccer infrastructure that not only youth soccer teams from across the country, but also middle school, high school, and university teams visit it as a training ground every year. 먹튀검증

Saengcho Stadium 1, 2, 6 soccer fields evenly distributed around the region, and excellent public sports facilities are regarded as the best conditions for training grounds.

An official from Sancheong-gun said, “In Sancheong, the home of soccer, we founded an elementary school youth training class to discover local soccer talent.”

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