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From candidates to advance to the Champions League to promoted teams… Lee Kang-in, England’s ‘main target’

Teams aiming for Lee Kang-in are spread evenly on the English Premier League (EPL) leaderboard.

England’s ‘Inside Football’ said on the 22nd (Korean time), “Lee Kang-in is currently playing for Mallorca. Currently, his agent is promoting a transfer this summer, and the current EPL is the most likely destination. Aston Villa, Burnley, Newcastle United and Wolverhampton are Lee Kang-in. I am interested,” he said.  

Lee Kang-in is from the Valencia Youth Academy. Even when he first appeared on the professional stage, he raised expectations by breaking the club’s youngest foreign player’s debut record. But he wasn’t easy growing up in Valencia. He was not given a proper opportunity to compete. In the end, Lee Kang-in refused to renew his contract with Valencia and decided to take on a new challenge.메이저놀이터

His destination was Mallorca. Lee Kang-in, who joined Mallorca ahead of last season, spent his first year adapting by playing 30 Spanish La Liga games (15 starts, 15 substitutes). And he has been trusted by coach Javier Aguirre all season and has established himself as a key player. He has appeared in 28 league matches so far, scoring 3 goals and 4 assists. 

As his outstanding performance continued, teams that wanted Lee Kang-in appeared. In the January transfer window, he was linked with Atletico Madrid. Lee Kang-in also contemplated transferring, but at the time, the transfer was not carried out due to opposition from Mallorca, who could not send important players during the season. However, things may be different this summer.  

Currently, Lee Kang-in’s most likely destination is England. It is known that many EPL teams are keeping an eye on Lee Kang-in. In addition, Lee Kang-in’s agent, Javier Garrido, was known to have visited several EPL teams, including Aston Villa, Wolverhampton and Manchester City, fueling rumors of a transfer. 

Among the teams mentioned as candidates for Lee Kang-in’s destination, the highest ranked team is Newcastle. Newcastle is in 4th place in the league as of round 31. It is possible to advance to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL). Next is Aston Villa, which is located in 6th place. Aston Villa also qualify for the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League.

There are also teams that cannot compete in the European competition based on the current standings. Wolverhampton and Burnea. In particular, Burnley is a team in the English Championship (Part 2), not belonging to the EPL. However, since promotion for next season has been confirmed, there is a high possibility that they will start to reinforce their strength this summer. 

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