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From Changwon to Seoul… LG’s Choi Seung-min “The opportunity has come”

Reporter Kim Joo-hee = LG Twins outfielder Choi Seung-min (27) has started a new chapter in his career.

Choi joined the LG Twins from the NC Dinos via trade on the 18th. It is the first time he has changed teams since joining NC as a developmental player in 2015.

“I was surprised when I first heard the news of the trade,” said Choi Seung-min on the 20th at Jamsil Stadium, “I’m sorry that I spent so long in Changwon (NC’s home town), but I’m happy that the opportunity has come.”

Choi, who had travelled to Seoul the day before, met the LG players for the first time. “I’m still in a daze,” he said, “but LG has a lot of fans and is a strong team. It’s great to be a part of this team. I think I should do it with pride.” He expressed his determination for a new start.

Choi Seung-min is a player who hasn’t received much attention in the professional game until now. Since breaking into the first team in 2019, he has batted .297 (74-for-22) with five home runs, 32 RBIs and 16 stolen bases in 116 games.

This year, he did not receive a call-up to the first team and played exclusively in the Futures (second division) league, batting .239 with six RBI, nine runs scored and seven stolen bases in 24 games. His career numbers with the Futures are .305 with three home runs, 141 RBI, 274 runs scored and 127 stolen bases in 501 games.

LG, which is in the lead, snapped up Choi Seung-min because they saw the benefits of his quick feet. LG manager Yoon Kyung-yeop has repeatedly emphasised the need for a big bat who can play tactical baseball.

“He said, ‘Welcome,’ and said, ‘Think about what you need,'” Choi Seung-min said. “I think I need to focus on my batting and defence, and when I get a chance to hit, I need to do it well, one at-bat at a time,” he added.

“Choi Seung-min will play in the second team. If there are only three runners on base, he will come in as a pinch-hitter. Defensively, he will rotate between middle infield, right field and left field every day. I will continue to work on stealing bases.”스포츠토토

Seung-min Choi is also aware of the role the team and coach want him to play. He is also confident.

“I can run 100 metres in 11 seconds. I’m confident in my speed,” said Choi, who emphasised that “speed is not everything, so I will prepare well by understanding the details of the pitcher’s habits.”

NC won the overall title in 2020, but Choi did not get a ring as he was not on the roster at the time.

This year, LG will likely use Seung-min as a trump card in the postseason as they look to make a run at the title. If he can play the role he’s been given, both LG and Seung-min could get the championship ring he’s been craving.

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