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From the Hulk to the hound… , the monster corps KT

There is a lot of interest in Suwon KT, which has FA Moon Sung-gon in its arms. Although KT finished in 8th place last season, it is called as a candidate for the championship in terms of basic power. In addition to the solid player base, the balance by position is also good. Yang Hong-seok, who was called a one-club man candidate, went out, but it is evaluated that the balance has improved by recruiting Moon Seong-gon. In the next season, ‘Iron Boy’ Heo Hoon (28‧180cm), the star of the show, will also return, so there is a lot of interest in forming a ‘monster corps’ leading to ‘Hunting Dog’ Moon Seong-gon (30‧195.6cm) and ‘Baby Hulk’ Ha Yoon-gi (24‧204cm). Anticipation is growing.

Yang Hong-seok’s departure is a regrettable part from KT’s point of view, but it is analyzed that the positive effect of the recruitment of Moon Seong-gon will be greater than the gap there. Yang Hong-seok is good at scoring, defending, and passing games, but he has been criticized for being a bit disappointing. On the other hand, Moon Seong-gon is not a versatile type like Yang Hong-seok, but he is specialized in the strongest weapon called ‘defense’, so a good combination with Heo Hoon, who has a strong tendency to attack, is expected.

Looking at Moon Seong-gon chasing his opponent on the court, it reminds me of a hunting dog. If there is a target opponent, the eyes change first, but they chase after them like crazy throughout the match, revealing sharp fangs. Once Moon Seong-gon is released on the court, it is virtually impossible to shake it off completely. Because once triggered, you don’t know how to stop. It may feel like a ‘mad dog’ from the other party’s point of view.

Hunting dogs are different from fighting dogs. It’s not just about fighting well. Its main role is to tire the prey through relentless pursuit and to tie it down. Therefore, the most required virtues for hunting dogs are patience and stamina. In that respect, Moon Seong-gon is the strongest hunting dog. He does not stop with a few successful defenses, but bites and gnaws tenaciously to the extent that his opponent falls from exhaustion or gets sick of it.

In terms of his playing style, Moon Seong-gon is classified as a 3&D type forward. However, Moon Seong-gon is very different from the general 3&D type. Usually, shooters with defensive abilities are called 3&D, but he is a defensive specialist who puts his energy into defense. Of course, it’s not because he’s not steady, but once his fingertips get hot, he frightensly drives outside shots.

If Yang Hee-jong, who was his role model, was smart and skilled, Moon Seong-gon’s is a bit crude but full of wildness. But that’s why it’s more difficult from his opponent’s point of view. He excels in speed relative to his height, athleticism, and stamina, so he runs around tremendously throughout the game. His footwork and jumping power are also outstanding, and he is showing the best in both horizontal and vertical defense. He feels like he’s playing at full power without much pacing, and yet he doesn’t drop his energy level until the end of the game. The best defense award for four consecutive years proves this.

The most valuable resource from each team’s point of view is by far the main player’s native big man. Seo Jang-hoon, Kim Joo-seong, Ha Seung-jin, Oh Se-geun, Lee Seung-hyun, etc., are about to be counted on the fingers of the past, and as if to prove their value, most of their teams won the league championship. In that respect, KT is the chosen team. It is because there is Ha Yoon-gi who will inherit the genealogy of the native big man.

If foreign players and Ha Yoon-gi form a ‘twin tower’ and Moon Seong-gon, who is good at rebounding, adds strength, KT Post will not be pushed back by any team. As can be seen from the nickname ‘Baby Hulk’, Ha Yoon-gi is very athletic. His elasticity and mobility are comparable to that of a high-level forward, and his quickness is excellent. Taking full advantage of those advantages, he has good participation in the attack, and even if a foreign player is in front of him, he boldly jumps up and dunks when he feels a chance.

In the trend of more and more tall forwards, there are not many players who are faithful to the post play like Ha Yoon-ki. It is pointed out that his offensive skills are regrettable, but as he has recently been equipped with a mid-range jumper, Jira is showing improvement every season. At the point where he is equipped with skill, his majesty as a complete big man like Oh Se-geun is expected. By that time he should just be called ‘Hulk’, not ‘Baby Hulk’.

There is a saying that ‘the completion of KT power is Heo Hoon’. KT, which has now risen to the ranks of a strong team through steady power reinforcement recently, but depending on whether Heo Hoon is present or not, it can be a winner or not. As such, the presence of a player named Heo Hoon in the entire KT league is enormous. In the last playoffs, the performances of Kim Seon-hyung and (small) Lee Jung-hyun were truly amazing, but a healthy Heo Hoon is also a player who can play comparable to them.

Heo Hoon is evaluated to be very similar to his father during his active career in terms of play. Although he is not tall, his body balance itself is good because he has excellent athletic ability with a solid weight. Even if someone blocks him, he creates a favorable situation for himself with strength or speed depending on the opponent’s disposition. When they meet an opponent with equal physical ability, they solve the game by taking advantage of technology through various techniques.

At least one of the three is caught, so most of the guards who match up with Heo Hoon have no choice but to suffer from mismatches. Heo Hoon demonstrates his skills at the highest level no matter where he is placed once or twice. Since his main position is point guard, he basically has good vision and consistently shows above average in reading and passing games.메이저사이트

In addition to that, he often enters the rim attack through quick and powerful breakthroughs, but his perfection is so high that he is often beaten even if he knows. He also has stable shooting skills such as a mid-range jumper and a three-point shot, so he can bombard the opponent’s defense in all weathers. Heo Hoon is currently under Sangmu and is expected to be discharged on November 15th. Moon

Seong-gon, a valiant hound who clings to and bites off anyone, Ha Yoon-gi, who dominates the post with Hulk-like physical abilities, and a hard, steel-like field battle that leads them. Even Commander Heo Hoon… , KT fans who swallowed the disappointment this season are looking forward to a great counterattack next season with the monster army at the fore.

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