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Golden State, all-out effort to capture general manager Myers

The Golden State Warriors, who failed in their second straight title challenge, are facing their biggest offseason homework.

According to ESPN’s Ramerna Shelburne, Golden State offered several types of contracts to general manager Bob Myers.

General manager Myers’ contract expires at the end of this season. It is speculated that he may have been offered an extension contract, but there has been no news of a contract signing. Director Myers is also expected to carefully decide his course of action. In response, Golden State owner Joe Lacob seems to have offered several contracts.

Adrian Wojnalowski, a reporter for ESPN, predicted that Myers’ decision would not be easy. After taking office, General Manager Myers started to improve Golden State’s constitution and made a significant contribution to consolidating its championship power. By appointing Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green, Golden State was able to lay the groundwork for the championship. The relationship with them is also strong.

However, Golden State also showed limitations this season. Curry was strong, but Thompson was sluggish in big games. The greens also showed ups and downs, and above all, they produced locker room problems year after year. He played more than anyone else in bringing in Kevin Durant (Phoenix), but later bumped into Durant from time to time, and even caused physical conflicts such as hitting Jordan Pool ahead of this season.

Golden State is also at a crossroads of choice. Green and Dante DiVincenzo have player options. Green wants a long-term contract that is larger than the existing contract, and DiVincenzo also revealed that his intention to remain is by no means small. However, their total annual salary for the upcoming 2023-2024 season is over $200 million. Maintaining power is never easy.

In addition, Jordan Poole’s future must be decided. It announced a leap in the last playoffs, but could not avoid stagnation in this playoff. Last summer, he signed an extension contract with Andrew Wiggins and Poole to capture the present and the future at the same time, but Poole’s extension contract suddenly turned into a significant burden for Golden State. In other words, there is never a small amount of homework.

If you are going for an intensive reorganization, it may be better to break up with Green and Thompson and transfuse other powers or create a new board. If Myers remains, it is expected that he will continue to challenge for the championship with them, but he must consider whether to take Poole. Or, if he wants to reorganize, considering the relationship with Green and Thompson, it is not easy to carry out.

Also, you may want to move to another place because of the burden of your position and wanting a new environment. It is believed that general manager Myers will not be able to make an easy decision because there are many factors inside and outside the club. If he wanted to stay, he is expected to have accepted a new contract during the year. However, as much as he has troubles, it is assumed that he is contemplating.토스카지노

Golden State can cut its spending only after next season. Renewing the contract with Green is key, but Thompson’s contract expires at the end of next season. If Greene and Thompson’s contract size is drastically reduced, it is possible to maintain a constructive force. However, it is questionable whether these two will be satisfied. Also, considering the relationship between green and grass, if you take green, you have to send grass. However, trading is never easy.

In the meantime, Golden State has boasted a clear team management under the system of general manager Myers. Existing forces grew into self-nominations, and other forces were subsequently reinforced appropriately. Starting with Andre Iguodala, who retired at the end of this season, Durant, David West, D’Angelo Russell (Lakers), Wiggins, and DiVincenzo were also utilized. This was possible because the team had a profit structure that could handle huge expenses.

Golden State also made a lot of profit as Curry leaped into an irreplaceable superstar, as well as the growth of his existing power. In addition, under the full support of the owner of Lakob, he was able to reign as a championship candidate for several years, paying a large annual salary and luxury tax every year. At the center of it was General Manager Myers. In a way, whether or not he stays may be Golden State’s biggest challenge this offseason.

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