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 Gwang Shin-joong, who reinforced tall players, “Players with high growth potential, will become stronger in the second half”

“The players have a high potential for growth. We are focusing on the second half.”

KBL and WKBL are in the middle of the season, but amateur players, who can be said to be the roots of KBL and WKBL, are quenching for a new season

. They made it to the quarterfinals in the Middle School Basketball Federation. They learned ‘how to win’ with coach Seong-ho Yoo, who took over in the middle of the season. The development of the players was remarkable. Coach Seong-ho Yoo said, “It was a season in which the players learned how to win. Reached the quarterfinals in the fall competition. I have been steadily developing and I have seen results. He emphasized confident play to the players. The game is solved by throwing a shot and making a new attempt. You cannot grow unless you challenge yourself. He said, “Play with confidence in any play.” If you fail in the process, you can make up for it with practice,” he said.

“2022 had a high weakness. Instead, he made up for it with quick basketball and defense. They pressed hard from the front line and broke through with quick attacks. Five players on the court united as one. This is the reason for the good performance,” he added.

Kwang Shin-joong reinforced the tall players in 2023. The newcomers’ skills are also outstanding.

“In 2023, we reinforced tall players. We took fast basketball, but also prepared a pattern to utilize tall players. We bring a change to the team color. The newcomers have good skills. The future is bright.” “The height is powerful. However, the technique of handling the ball needs to be supplemented. You have to work well with the guards. We are preparing to create a synergistic effect while complementing each other.” 온라인카지노

Meanwhile, Kwang Shin-joong left for Jeju Island after finishing winter training. Injuries have also occurred due to the intense training intensity. As a result, lower grade players are getting a chance in practice matches. Coach Yoo Seong-ho said, “I participate in the Stove League in Jeju Island. Until January, I improved my physical condition mainly through physical training at school. I increased the intensity of exercise. It helps young players a lot. However, the 3rd year players were injured. “The beginning of the season will be difficult. Nevertheless, tall players with short pitches are improving. It’s positive. I’m looking forward to the second half.”

After that, “We need to pay attention to Park Seung-chan, Jeong In-chan, and Joel. (Park) Seung-chan has accumulated a lot of experience since last year. Yes. He is a solid player. Joel started playing basketball only six months ago, but he is growing fast.

Lastly, “My goal for the first half is 1 win. I aim to pass the preliminary round. There are many injured players, and the other teams are very good. In the second half, after passing the preliminary round, I will look forward to the quarterfinals and semifinals. Basketball life ends in middle school. No. The potential of our players is very high.

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