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Gwangju’s promising players who moved an hour to play on the rice field, will Mudeung Baseball Field become a new source of vitality?

 Moon Dong-ju (Hanwha Eagles) vs Kim Do-young (Kia Tigers)’s first practice game of 2021 was held at Hampyeong Baseball Stadium. Moon Dong-ju struck out Kim Do-young with a fastball of up to 154 km/h, and the match became a hot topic.

However, what should not be mistaken here is not ‘Hampyeong Champions Field’. Hampyeong Baseball Stadium, which is often reminiscent of a construction board used by amateurs, is separate. Hampyeong Baseball Stadium was the baseball field with the worst facility in the country, reminiscent of a ‘rice field’ or a construction board.

Of course, not so much now. This year, the Hampyeong Baseball Stadium has been renovated and grass has been laid, making it quite tidy. However, it is too far for players in the Gwangju area to use, and there are many inconveniences. Amenities are still lacking. Currently, the Jeolla region weekend league is Hampyeong and Suncheon. He is living a ‘grasshopper life’ by moving to various places such as Palma. Even though there is a decent baseball field in Gwangju, it is embarrassing to have to drive for about an hour to play baseball.

In addition to the stadium problem, the recent crisis theory of Gwangju Baseball is flowing out. This is because the grades of prestigious high schools in the Gwangju area are not good. It was four years ago that Gwangju Ilgo, Gwangju Dongsung High School, and Gwangju Jinheung High School won the national championship. Since then, no school in the Gwangju region has won the championship.

The same goes for pro designations. Since Kim Do-young (Kia) and Moon Dong-ju (Hanwha) came out as the first nominations, the Gwangju area has been struggling. Last year, there were not many pro-nominated players, and this year, it is evaluated that the Gwangju area is not good.

In the meantime, good news came to the baseball world in Gwangju. It is news that the Mudeung Stadium remodeling may be completed in the first half of the year. On the 13th, the city of Gwangju announced an implementation plan for the construction of a climbing center among the Mudeung Stadium remodeling projects. The overall remodeling progress rate is currently 87%, and the city of Gwangju predicted that it would be completed in the first half of the year after completing the climbing field near the main seat, artificial turf, and finishing work. 카지노사이트

The stadium is for amateurs. The goal is to demolish some of the bleachers at the baseball field and build a new amateur baseball field by investing 48.9 billion won in government and civil money. It is expected that a two-story (1,037-space) parking lot will be created in the basement to alleviate the chronic parking problem of KIA Champions Field in Gwangju. stand

The director of Gwangju Myeongmoon High School, who requested anonymity, said, “This is the fourth year. Nonsense. It’s an away game, not a weekend league. In addition, scout officials don’t come to Gwangju often because the facilities are so bad. It’s completely in the mountains, so you have to drive a lot, and there are no nearby amenities at all. It is that bad,” he said.

“I heard that Mudeung Stadium is still being completed. This year, I hope it will not be just words,” he said, earnestly hoping for the completion of the Mudeung Stadium. If the stadium can be completed within the first half of the year, it is expected to act as a new vitality for amateur baseball in Gwangju. .

Mudeung Stadium was built in 1965 and since the launch of professional baseball in 1982, it has been used as the home stadium of ‘Tigers’ from Haitai Tigers to KIA Tigers. Didn’t open.

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