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“He almost made the first team. Kim Bum-seok? We need a catcher” … LG is not in a hurry. They want a 30-homer super-sized catcher.

Lee Jae-won was out with a hamstring injury. However, LG didn’t have any worries.

Icheon had a lot of good players waiting in the wings. LG’s depth is solid. This time, LG called up Lee Ju-hyung to replace Lee Jae-won. It was originally calculated to be a September call-up, but since Lee completed a full three-month rehabilitation program after his discharge from the military and his recent performance with the Futures (0.352) was outstanding, they moved him up.

However, this call-up also includes Kim Bum-seok, which is interesting. “I know that when Lee Jae-won was injured, we had to choose between Kim Bum-seok, who is a similar type of outfielder, and Lee Ju-hyung, who has been in good form lately,” said team manager Baek Seong-jin in Mokdong. “We chose Kim Bum-seok as our next main catcher. No matter how good the bat is, you have to have a catcher,” he laughed.

Kim Bum-seok himself has a strong will to be a catcher. “I haven’t even tried on a catcher’s mask yet because of my recent shoulder injury,” he said in an interview. But I’m going to start catcher training gradually, so please look forward to it,” he said. He also said that he is a good catcher, but he wants to become a great catcher.

Kim currently has six home runs for the Futures. His hitting is the best in the Futures. And LG knows that Kim’s hitting isn’t enough to keep him in the Futures. As Hanwha recently said, “There are no hitters in the Futures who can inspire Kim Seo-hyun,” so the Futures stage is narrow for rookie Kim Bum-seok. However, there is a concern in LG that he could literally become a half-assed player with no defensive position if he makes it to the first team with just his bat. That’s not the kind of player they picked.

Kim Bum-seok is a natural when it comes to hitting. “He’s very flexible for his size, and he has a natural ability to drive the ball,” said a scout from another club. Even Kim Bum-seok himself said, “I don’t know, I just hit it and it goes over well.” He has a great talent for hitting. In addition, although he was rated lower than Kim Dong-heon in terms of blocking and framing in the youth national team, he was rated as good at running to second base, so he is expected to be able to see the first team as long as his defense is good enough.

Kim Bum-seok is being trained intensively by Hwang Byung-il and Yoon Yoseop. Every day, Hwang takes him for walks, talks to him, and encourages him.메이저사이트

The temptation is obviously there. He’s so good with the bat. But LG already has a first-team home run catcher. We know better than anyone how good a catcher can be when he’s hitting, so we’re looking at the bigger picture. I want to be a little more disciplined when I have Park Dong-won.

I’m not a 20-homer designated hitter. We want a catcher on the level of Lee Man-soo and Park Kyung-wan, who can hit 40 home runs with a little more alcohol. LG has big dreams and plans.

That’s why LG is in the lead right now.

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