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Headgear former GK is now in front of the goal on the ice, “It’s more fun than UCL”

 Reporter Ban Jin-hyeok = Instead of a soccer ground, it now protects the goal of the ice field.

Petr Cech played for Chelsea, Arsenal and the Czech Republic national team and made a name for himself as one of the best goalkeepers. Although he wore it due to the trauma of the accident, the headgear has become his trademark.

Cech announced his retirement from active football in July 2019 and took up administrative duties as technical director for his former club Chelsea.

In the meantime, he had a new sense of challenge and headed for the ice sheet. He signed a contract to play for the English ice hockey team Guildford Phoenix.

The position of Cech, who challenged ice hockey, was also a goalie. He made his debut in less than a week after his arrival and enjoyed the honor of winning the best player by leading the team to victory with brilliant saves. 스포츠토토

Cech, who is constantly guarding the ice goal, told the British Daily Mail, “It is a completely different level of pressure than football. He’s more fun than playing in the Champions League.”

“I hate losing. It’s like playing soccer. The feeling is magnificent when going through the tunnel to the ice. It’s what I like,” he added.

Cech dreamed of becoming an ice hockey player from a young age. However, he turned to football due to his family circumstances.

“I couldn’t afford to buy equipment such as sticks, pads, helmets and gloves,” Cech said. everything was very expensive. His father took him to the football field and eventually lost ice hockey,” recalled his childhood.

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