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Heungkuk Life Insurance can’t do this or that… Facing the aftermath of the ‘director’s dismissal’

Reporter Kwon Hyeok-joon = There are only three staff leading the training, but it is not easy to recruit a coach as well as a coach. Heungkuk Life’s ‘supervisor hardening’ situation is causing considerable aftermath.

Heungkuk Life Insurance lost with a set score of 2-3 (28-30 20-25 25-16 25-21 11-15) in the Dodram 2022-23 V-League Women’s Division Hyundai E&C match held at Incheon Samsan Gymnasium on the 11th.

On the 2nd, Heungkuk Life Insurance, whose manager Kwon Soon-chan resigned due to a virtual hardship, played the 3rd game of the ‘agent system’ on this day. They won against GS Caltex on the 5th, led by acting coach Lee Young-soo, and against IBK Industrial Bank on the 8th, when acting coach Kim Dae-gyeong took over the baton, but failed to overcome the wall of leading Hyundai E&C that day.

Unfortunately, the performance wasn’t bad. Heungkuk Life Insurance showed the potential to catch up with the 3rd and 4th sets even after giving up the 1st and 2nd sets, and the 5th set was also balanced to 11-11. 먹튀검증

It seems that the team members are tightly united around Kim Yeon-kyung, the mental support, and show strong concentration. However, it is clear that the journey is not easy.

Heungkuk Life Insurance currently has only three training staff to help players train.

This happened when coach Kwon Soon-chan and head coach Lee Young-soo left the team. Including coach Kim Dae-gyeong, who is in charge of acting coach, existing coach Choi Ji-wan, and power analyst Jeon Jeon-hoon, who has volleyball experience, have no choice but to conduct training.

In the case of the batting team, there are usually 3 to 4 coaches in addition to the manager, and in some cases, a coach dedicated to setters. However, Heungkuk Life Insurance is having a hard time even having coaches help with training.

The fact that acting manager Kim Dae-kyung took on a heavy responsibility in a difficult situation is also not irrelevant to this reality.

Acting Kim said, “The moment I leave, there will be no staff left on the team who can guide volleyball,” and “I decided to stay on the team for the players.”

It is not easy to recruit outside personnel as the team atmosphere is also in a bad mood due to the sudden resignation of the coach. As seen in the case of director Kim Ki-joong, who declined the position of manager, there is a high possibility that he will feel burdened by accompanying Heungkuk Life Insurance, and there is also a possibility that he will be surrounded by suspicion that he has brought a person who suits the taste of the club.

Acting Kim also said, “I feel the need to recruit, but at this time I cannot guarantee that the atmosphere will improve just because outside personnel come in.”

Still, he said, “I conveyed that the club needed a new manager as soon as possible.”

ironic situation. Even from the point of view of simply lacking training staff, Heungkuk Life Insurance is in dire need of recruiting. However, in the current situation where trust in the club has completely collapsed, the club has no choice but to be cautious about taking any action. It is a situation of dilemma, where you can neither move hastily nor let go of your hands.

This is also the club’s own fault, and the damage is being passed on to the remaining staff and leaders.

Acting Kim said, “If there is no other way, we have no choice but to overcome.”

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