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‘Hot-tempered people see’ Caribbean rivalry with war clouds, Group D 2nd place?

The Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico in the Caribbean have a high sense of linguistic and cultural kinship with each other. However, in baseball, it is a rivalry that must overcome each other.

The two teams will face off in a fateful match to advance to the quarterfinals. It is the final game of Group D in the first round of the World Baseball Classic held at Londippo Park in Miami on the 16th at 8:00 am. Since they are recording 2 wins and 1 loss side by side, the winning team will advance to the quarterfinals by finishing second in Group D and remain in Miami, but the losing team will have to pack their bags immediately. 1st place in Group D was confirmed by 토토 said, ahead of the match between the two teams, ‘Two countries in the Caribbean that are geographically close have long had a rivalry. We share a lot of slang and have similar tastes in food and music, so we have a lot of similarities, but nothing unites people like a passion for baseball.” All the people on the winning side will come out and celebrate.”

Londipo Park, where the Group D game is held, is an openable dome stadium located in Miami, Florida, and is the home stadium of the Miami Marlins of the Major League Baseball. Many Hispanics from Central and South America live in Florida, and there are many people who come to cheer because it is close to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. An average of more than 30,000 fans gather for the Group D matches that took place over the past four days.

In the Dominican Republic, which is superior in objective power, veteran Johnny Cueto will start. Puerto Rico has yet to reveal a starting pitcher.

The Dominican Republic won a 10-1, 7th cold game victory over Israel on the 15th. The Dominican Republic, which lost to Venezuela and barely won over Nicaragua, finally showed off its majesty as the ‘strongest in the universe’ and instilled confidence.

Dominican Republic center fielder Julio Rodriguez said: “The fans from both countries are hot-tempered. They are located in the Caribbean and love baseball. It will be a very exciting game. Both teams will go out on the field and put on a show for their respective peoples. I’m very looking forward to it,” he said.

Puerto Rico coach Yadier Molina expressed his will to win ahead of the match, saying, “This is the most important game for us in this tournament. We have finished all preparations.” said, ‘The atmosphere at Londipaw Park will be quite different from the game many people have seen. Players liken Game 7 of the World Series. It will be baseball in its purest form.” In the meantime, Manny Machado of the Dominican Republic and Francisco Lindor of Puerto Rico were cited as the key players of both teams.

In the past WBC, the two teams have faced each other five times, with the Dominican Republic leading with 3 wins and 2 losses.

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