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Hyundai E&C caught Heungkuk Life Insurance after a great game… The way to win the regular league is ‘still’

At the end of the great game that went all the way to the full set, Hyundai Engineering & Construction was the one who laughed.

Hyundai E&C won with a set score of 3-2 (30-28 25-20 16-25 21-25 15-11) in the Dodram 2022-23 V-League Women’s match against Heungkuk Life Insurance held at Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon on the 11th. As the results show, it was a game in which the outcome was unknown until the end.

As a result, Hyundai E&C, which won on the day, is still in first place. Hyundai E&C, who scored 53 points by adding 2 points, leads Heungkuk Life Insurance (48 points) by 5 points, who added 1 point. For Heungkuk Life Insurance, if they had won that day, they could have narrowed the difference to 1 point, but it is comforting to have won 2 sets and 1 point. 먹튀검증

It ended with Hyundai E&C’s victory, but it is still difficult to predict the regular league championship game. This is because the difference between Heungkuk Life Insurance and second place is 5 points. As both teams do not have many losses, the result of the remaining confrontation between the two teams has become more important now. The two teams will face off in the 5th round at Hyundai E&C’s home on the 7th of next month, and the final 6th round at Heungkuk Life Insurance’s home on March 19th.

In particular, the 6th round confrontation is the final match of the regular league for both teams this season. Considering that they can catch up with a maximum of 3 points in head-to-head, arithmetically, the current 5-point difference between the two teams in the remaining two head-to-head matches can be overcome.

As is well known, Heungkuk Life Insurance is currently in a chaotic situation with the team atmosphere due to noise surrounding it after the change of manager. However, the team played an equal game against Hyundai E&C, the first place, with a rather united appearance. It is a situation where even Hyundai E&C cannot be relieved until the end.

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