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I know from my own experience…Neville, “Chelsea rushing in signings, it’s like Manchester United”

Manchester United defender Gary Neville did not look at anything as his home team.

Neville discussed Chelsea’s winter transfer window in the British media ‘The Overlap’. “Chelsea is like former Manchester United general manager Ed Woodward. They overpay their players too much,” he said.

Chelsea have gnashed their teeth in the transfer market this winter. Joao Felix was brought in on loan, and he successfully hijacked Mikhailo Mudrik from Arsenal. Above all, Chelsea, who peaked with the signing of Enzo Fernandes, now have nothing to fear. Chelsea, which invested a total of 363.5 million euros (approximately 492.1 billion won) in the transfer market alone this winter, are aiming for a rebound in the second half. 카지노

The highlight was Enzo Fernandez. Chelsea announced on its official website on the 1st, “Fernandez, who led the World Cup victory, has completed his transfer to Chelsea. His contract period runs until the summer of 2031.” The transfer fee was 106 million pounds (approximately 161.6 billion won), breaking the highest transfer fee in Premier League history.

Neville compared Chelsea to Woodward at Manchester United. Woodward, who served as Manchester United’s general manager from 2013 to 2021, has been criticized for inefficient recruitment during the dark days of Manchester United’s David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho. He invested astronomical amounts in Memphis de Pi, Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez, but all of them failed.

Neville said, “Man United came to mind in this transfer window at Chelsea. They paid £64 million (about 97.4 billion won) and £106 million (about 161.6 billion won) respectively for Mark Cucurella and Fernandes. They are players who play at . It doesn’t make sense to be that expensive.”

“I’m not saying those players aren’t good. They’re really good players, but paying that much money is crazy.” In the past, Manchester United went through a dark period under Edward, a period that many Manchester United fans are reluctant to remember. It remains to be seen whether Chelsea will see the effect of the recruitment or whether they will follow the footsteps of Manchester United.

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