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I was pushed even by freshmen… 33-year-old veteran ‘shocked’ to be excluded from UCL squad

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was shocked by Chelsea’s decision.

Chelsea have embarked on a massive reinforcement in the winter transfer window. Chelsea, who had already recruited many players in the summer transfer market, felt they needed more reinforcements, and put a huge amount of money into the winter transfer market. João Felix was brought in on loan, and Mihailo Mudrić, Benoit Badiacil and Enzo Fernandez were all signed. In particular, the transfer fee of Mudrik and Fernandez exceeded 100 million euros (approximately 135 billion won), realizing Chelsea’s financial power.

Chelsea, whose squad suddenly grew in size, had to make a decision. The Confederation of European Football Associations (UEFA) allows teams that have qualified for the tournament to change their roster after the winter transfer window ends and before the UEFA Champions League (UCL) tournament begins. Chelsea, where many freshmen joined, also changed the names of players playing in the UCL. Among the freshmen, three were added. The UCL squad announced by Chelsea had the names of Fernandes, Mudrik and Felix.

The missing players in place of the three were also confirmed. Among them was Obama. Aubameyang, a player brought in by Chelsea in the summer transfer window to urgently transfuse an attacker, was regretting his disappointing performance after joining Chelsea. Chelsea have included players in the UCL squad who are expected to be reborn as the core of the team in place of Aubameyang, who is not performing well. 먹튀검증

Aubameyang could not hide his disappointment. “Aubameyang is devastated that he has been left out of Chelsea’s 25-man UCL squad,” said Matt Law, a reporter for The Telegraph and well versed in Chelsea insiders. As the news spread, it became more opaque, and this atmosphere was further heightened after Chelsea released the UCL squad list.”

There was no big reason for director Graham Porter’s choice. The reason for Aubameyang’s exclusion was, “This decision is not a punishment, and Aubameyang hasn’t caused problems since he came to Chelsea. But he hasn’t scored since October last year and has lost his place in the starting lineup.” pointed out that it was not because of his actions, but because of his performance.

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