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“I wasn’t worried about U-22”… Suwon Samsung, Oh Hyeon-gyu transfer storm is not the end of front weakening

K-League 1 (Part 1) Suwon Samsung, which sent Oh Hyun-gyu (22, Celtic) away, faced several challenges. It is not simply a matter of weakening the weight of the forefront. The prospects for the 2023 season can be revealed only by discovering the resources of the ‘main class U-22 (under 22 years old)’.

Since 2013, the Korea Professional Football Federation has forced the appointment of promising players in order to activate and nurture them. After several revisions, from 2021, the current system that allows U-22 players to replace five players only when two or more players participate has been settled.

Suwon has been the most active and least worried team in hiring U-22 players. In the past, Kwon Chang-hoon (29, Kim Cheon) and Jung Sang-bin (21, Grasshopper) were used as U-22 resources, and until last year, Oh Hyun-gyu, Kim Tae-hwan (23), Kang Hyun-mook (22, Kim Cheon), Park Ji-min (23), and Kim Sang-jun ( 22, Busan I-Park) and other available resources, so there were few concerns. In particular, among the players who were active as U-22 resources, Kwon Chang-hoon, Jeong Sang-bin, Ko Seung-beom (29), and Oh Hyeon-gyu showed solid growth enough to wear the Taegeuk mark. 토토사이트

However, things changed this year with Oh Hyun-gyu’s transfer to Celtic, Kang Hyeon-mook’s enlistment in Gimcheon, and Kim Sang-joon’s loan transfer to Busan for two consecutive years. Excluding Son Ho-jun (21), who returned from loan to the Jeonnam Dragons of the K-League 2 (Part 2), not many players have yet shown their competitiveness on the professional stage.

Suwon, which finished 10th in K League 1 last season, suffered the humiliation of remaining after an extended bloody battle against FC Anyang in K League 2. In order to reproduce the glory of the past in the new season, efforts were made to reorganize the team by recruiting Basani (26, Brazil) and renewing the contract with Lee Ki-je (32). However, if you appoint a young player because you are in a hurry to comply with the rules, rather than a U-22 player with key skills, you will inevitably experience difficulties during the season.

Last year, rookie Yoo Je-ho (23) was discovered during winter training and was used as a U-22 resource in Suwon. It is expected that the reconstruction of the famous family will be achieved only when the biggest task of this winter training is to succeed in excavating the main U-22 resources.

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