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“I’d rather be ignorant… “The self-order that changed timid Lim Seong-jin

“I’m doing it boldly with the mindset that I’d rather be ignorant than think a lot.”

KEPCO competed fiercely for third place with Woori Card and OK Financial Group at the beginning of the 2022-2023 season. Although KEPCO recorded consecutive losses in the last two games of the second round, it finished the second round with 18 points, the same as OK Financial Group and Woori Card.

However, in the third round, it began to shake rapidly. In the third round, they didn’t even get a win and only got 2 points. Naturally, the gap widened with OK Financial Group (3rd place at the time, 30 points) and Woori Card (4th place at the time, 29 points).

The first game of 2023 for KEPCO, which needs a rebound, was the first game of the 4th round against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. In this match, Thais Dull Host (registered name Thais, 25 points), Seo Jae-deok (18 points), Shin Young-seok (11 points), and Lim Seong-jin (10 points) succeeded in scoring double digits, but lost at the end of the full set, and the number of consecutive losses was ‘9’ ‘.

However, after winning the match against Woori Card, he broke the long losing streak and succeeded in a long winning streak by winning a shutout against OK Financial Group. Although they lost to Korean Air, the next match, they won all four matches and succeeded in winning four in a row.

KEPCO recorded 6 wins and 2 losses in 8 games played in 2023, and succeeded in winning points by leading the 2-loss game to the 5th set. In other words, by gaining victory points in all games held in 2023, it soon followed Woori Card (3rd place, 40 points) and OK Financial Group (4th place, 39 points) with 38 points. With one less game played than the two teams, if they win the next game, they can move up to third place.

One of the reasons why KEPCO is on the rise cannot be discussed without mentioning Lim Seong-jin. Im Seong-jin succeeded in scoring in double digits in 6 out of 8 games held this year. In particular, in the 4th round match against Woori Card, he showed an amazing record of 16 points and an attack success rate of 71.43%, taking the lead in breaking the losing streak.

Lim Seong-jin, who met <The Spike> at the KEPCO training ground in Uiwang, Gyeonggi-do on the 6th, said, “When we lost consecutively, we needed a turning point, but I thought that turning point was victory. He thought that he had to win once to gain confidence as the atmosphere reversed, but as he continued to lose, he could not find confidence. However, through the victory in the Woori Card match, it seems that the players have the mindset to go up again,” he explained at the time of ending the long losing streak.

KEPCO is on a winning streak after a losing streak, and Im Seong-jin, who plays an important role, is not satisfied. “I should have played my part when I lost in a row, but there were many games where I couldn’t. You tell me that I’ve improved a lot now, but I don’t want to be satisfied. You have the desire to do better, and you shouldn’t be conceited that you are on a winning streak. If you do well, you should do better. You can’t do worse than you do now. No matter how bad it is, I think I should at least do it now.”

The word that followed Lim Seong-jin like a tag after he joined the pro team was ‘timid’. Lim Seong-jin was well aware of this and made a lot of effort to overcome it. He said, “I felt that it was a difference of opinion. He trained a lot, of course, but the psychological one was the biggest. On the court, I am boldly doing it with the mindset that I should rather be ignorant than to think a lot by abandoning my usual personality,” said Lim Seong-jin. 메이저놀이터

Im Seong-jin is practicing this on the court. He was also seen cheering loudly and rejoicing at the ceremony after scoring. Regarding this, he said, “People around me say that those gestures are important. He explained, “I pay attention because I hear a lot of comments like, ‘He looks big even if he can’t make big gestures when he scores.”

Lim Seong-jin, who led the rebound of KEPCO, is trying to focus on the present rather than the future. “My first goal is to go to spring volleyball. But to get there, you need to accumulate a lot of victory points. If you don’t look too far and think about the games in front of you right now and play them one by one, I think you’ll be able to advance to the spring volleyball you’re aiming for.”

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