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“If Hwang Kyung-min does well? Best friend, teammate, and rival ‘competitive spirit’

 “This is my first interview since the days of Woori Card.”

Six years ago, he was a promising prospect who was ranked #1 in the overall draft. But he seldom saw the light of day in the pro.

This is the first interview after wearing the yellow uniform of KB Insurance. Han Seong-jeong, whom we met after winning the match against OK Financial Group on the 4th, said, “I was a bit sluggish this season, but I am grateful to the coaches and team members of the coaching team who believed in and waited for me.”

Han Seong-jeong did not hide her joy, saying, “I was confident in today’s game. Isn’t our performance good? We won today and have a 9-point gap with 3rd place (our card).”

He moved the team from Woori Card to KB Sonbo, and signed his first free agent contract. There was a lot of pressure. Han Seong-jeong said, “I came to KB Insurance last year, and I’m sorry I couldn’t show you my old self.” 슬롯사이트

“The coach expects me to receive and attack power. Lately, I have been talking a lot with Hwang Taek-eui, and my performance has improved. (Hwang) Taek-ui seems to be in good shape, so he gives a lot of credit.”

Coach Hu In-jeong said, “Recently, Han Seong-jung’s weight and practice have been greatly increased. Thanks to that, his performance has improved a lot. It will be difficult, but please continue to do so until the end of the season.” Regarding this, Han Seong-jeong responded, “The coach said, ‘Isn’t it more stressful than not being able to play the game? Please try a little harder.’

I played with Hwang Gyeong-min for two seasons during Woori Card, and met again at KB Insurance. best friend and rival It is not a position to divide roles as an offensive-defensive type. It is used on a case-by-case basis. In the pro, Hwang Kyung-min saw the light first. Because of this, Han Seong-jeong had a long time not to play as a starting player.

Han Seong-jeong laughed out loud, saying, “If I can’t receive, (Hwang) Kyung-min helps, and if Kyung-min doesn’t attack, I help. We’re close, but if Kyung-min does well, my stomach hurts.”

“Didn’t Kyung-min do very well at the beginning of the season? I didn’t. To be honest, there is a rivalry. The three of us, including Hwang Taek-ui, are friends. We rely on each other and try to help. We talk a lot while drinking soju together.”

Jung Min-soo, who participated in the interview together, said, “I raise my juniors to be strong. I make them come to their senses with words.” .

Jeong Min-soo had to leave during the game due to pain in the last game. He said that he had severe pain in the Achilles tendon area where he had surgery. On this day, he played the game without any problems and led the team to victory.

“We haven’t given up on spring volleyball yet. We know the value of 3 points. It’s honestly not easy to receive accurately when a player like Leo serves.

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